Monday, January 4, 2016

Goldilocks Mamon on PAL

Oh my favorite mamon hehe! This may have been like so for a time now, I don't know. I did not notice nor did I check on previous flights. It was only on my flight today (probably out of boredom or probably because I was 'practicing' macro-shots on my phone) that I bothered to look at the 'underside' of that mamon, and I noticed, it was baked by Goldilocks for Philippine Airlines. Yumminess!

Two things make me smile here: 1) I like eating this fluffy thing - thanks to my parents who kept feeding us with Goldilocks ever since; and 2) this is a true sign of upgrading business to global standards of efficiency and productivity (on the part of PAL), to wit: if you are in the business of flying airplanes, focus and be the best at it - therefore, relegate other processes to already-existing-businesses (even if indirect competitors) and patronize them. In short, hmmm some friends won't like what I have to say... and I say... in short, outsource your non-core functions! Sad for some labor advocates, but, that is reality in the global business arena ;)


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