Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mactan Island Aquarium

Here is something I forgot to post way back then when I visited the place while I was still new in “Sugbo”! Haven’t been to the place lately. Though I passed by the area some 6 or 7 times going Alegre Guitars and/or Imperial Palace and/or the other resorts in Maribago and Marigondon, I haven’t really gotten to popping in at that gas station again just to check if MIA is still alive. I heard folks say “wala na lagi”. Anyway, whether be it still there or not, here was my visit of that lovely place.

Not really that jaw-dropping, if you are thinking about the likes of Manila Ocean Park. But quite an exposure enough to the sea life in and around Mactan and the bigger island of Cebu. The entrance to the place is/was even just on the side of a fuel station as you can see in this picture. Ah, on entry, I got to talk to the owners, a husband and wife team (pinay wife, foreigner husband - as usual) who told me that they were new in this place as they have just transferred from a previous location somewhere in Barangay Basak, this island (Lapu-lapu City, of course).

Entrance is just a simple little desk where you pay P250 for adults, P200 for children ages 4 to 12, or P100 and P75 respectively for local residents who can show identification that indeed they are. Then the guest is directed to the right and the tour begins. There is a guide, if you care or care to wait, as she might still be engaged with other visitors. The owner (wife) also dabbles in and out of the tour, adding this and that information or story about the aquariums.

Aquariums? As in plural? Yep. The make of this place is just like the homes of some middle class rural families – walls are made of plywood with wood framing while doors are just openings without panels. By the walls are mounted a series of glass aquariums ranging from about 3ft by 2ft to somewhere slightly bigger like probably 4 or 5. That is your viewing area. Much like a very crude rendition of that dark museum over at Subic’s Ocean Adventure. But I still like the idea that there is (or should this be “was”?) this place to show people (esp children), things about the sea in this area, and why we should take part in caring for them.

Note that it is hard to get good shots with a lowly point and shoot camera as the place is dark and the glass panels reflect whatever is in front. Still good anyway, and here are some of those I think worth showing…

some kept distance
some quickly escaped from my vantage
some were curious if my camera might be food?
THAT is a fish too! no joke!

Then there was this wide but shallow, and open top aquarium where everyone (especially the kids like me hehe) were encouraged to touch every creature! Here are some of them beautiful things...
a crab with a very good camouflage
when it curls up completely, it looks just like a stone in the sand
a little lobster whose biggest dream is to enter that blue tube!
that's why they covered it with a wire mesh!
this one beside the starfish they say, is an animal too!
touch any art of that twig-like stem and
the "hair" very quickly retracts to hide inside!
sand dollar?
baby tuyom
This below, was most interesting to me, as it was the first time I saw this alive. It's a shellfish yes, but the seemingly decorated black skin is actually the body of this mollusk - extended from the inside, to cover its shell! Wow! Yep, that is the shell (the striped orange thing inside). Pic btw is side view of the creature but top view of the aquarium since it was clinging to the side glass. Amazing thing! And I forgot what it is called, argh!

Here are some more of them sea creatures in other aquariums...

Oh, towards the exit area, there was some kind of a pool that was to be the home of sharks, coming-in the day after my visit!

ISSN: 2511325.75-1015

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  1. So sad to know that im from lapu lapu and I didnt able to see thid