Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ormoc Nightlife: Pardi’s, Dustria & Bebida’s

Done with Manina’s Food Haus, I decided to once and for all hop into Pardi’s Grill. I have seen this place earlier and did not like having dinner there, but for all it’s worth, I needed to really experience Pardi’s since it was suggested by a friend who had been to Ormoc a few weeks before my visit. So there I was, sitting in a vast sea of tables and chairs with just a few people eating or drinking hehe. The place has very bright lights uncommon to bars or drinking places. So this was a restaurant for family meals? Why was there virtually no diners at dinner time when I earlier peeped? Why did the friend seem excited when he suggested this?

Ah, I thought it better to ask a waitress since there was nothing much keeping them busy anyway! “Ganito lang palagi ka-konti ang tao dito?” so I asked. Her reply was “nagsimula nang magdatinhgan, sir”. That perplexed me. In my mind I was silently protesting saying “asan yung mga nagdatingan eh that foreigner and his friend on another table were the only other people I saw since I arrived” hehe. I looked at the time, it was already 1035PM. Duh?! When waitress came by again, I asked where were those people she said were “nagsimula nang magdatingan”.

She pointed towards the cashier saying “doon sa loob”! Oh!

I learned at his point that behind that wall (behind the cashier) is a favorite hangout of Ormocanons. And as if on cue, a door to said cashiers back-right opened and I heard loud thumping music!
Me: So that is Pardi’s?
Waitress: No sir, this is Pardi’s!
Me: Ha? eh ano yun?!
Waitress then expounded that that place is called “Dustria”!

Awrgh! Dustria is a (the?) popular disco in the city and it sits right next door to Pardi’s. Entrance to the disco is at the side of the street while exit is the door that empties to somewhere near behind the Pardi’s cashier! On closer look, Dustria is actually still part of the Ormoc Villa Hotel Building, while Pardi’s may have been a parking lot before, installed with a roof and voila, is now a restaurant!

So, Pardi’s is actually a “spill-away” or “breakout” area for Dustria regulars who may want to (temporarily or permanently) get out of the darkness and excessively loud sound, yet still have somewhere to sit, eat, smoke and/or drink. As waitress and I talked. we even saw some folks who went out of Dustria to use the comfort rooms at Pardi’s. Some of the ladies stayed and ordered ice cream or drinks while some opted to return via that door where they came out from. Ah, before I could ask another question, waitress was quick to tell me that Dustria has no entrance fees during Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays – so, being a Thursday people could also enter at the glass door behind Pardi’s cashier, even if it is just a designated exit door!

“Kayo sir, baka gusto nyo pumasok dyan since Thursday naman” said the dear waitress! I said no and took her invitation as a cue that she already wanted to stop talking to me. So I decided I would move on to hit the pillows!

Outside Pardi’s and after looking at the stream of youngsters piling into Dustria, I crossed the street and got curious about this other place named Bebida that I actually passed by earlier on. True to its name, it is a drinking place alright, but more with the coffee shop or cafe ambiance. Nice enough place I thought, with some tables even candle-lighted. But I decided to skip this one as it did not have a personality. Why do I say that? Well, just like most of it’s younger crews, unsure of what they want, therefore what they’d like to be!

By the time I was at the door looking around, whoever was in charge of the music in this place was like searching flicking fast at various kinds, unsure of what he/she wanted. I heard some customers shouting out suggestions while others were protesting at the choice. All I could say in my mind was “how immature” and decided to leave as I was sure I was not about to like the ‘atmosphere’ in this place. Music pa lang, issue na! Don't we decide on what we want to play way ahead of opening time?

So I walked on towards and beyond the old city hall building in the direction of my bed that is at Sugarland Suites! Nightlife enough - so I thought!



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