Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ormoc Nightlife: Manina’s

Dinner about done at Chicken Ati-atihan, I asked a waiter as to where else in Ormoc would be good to have a few drinks, preferably those with bands singing acoustics or cool music. As expected, his initial response was “ayaw mo dito sir?” but I explained I would like to see most of them in a bar-hop as I only got a limited time to stay in their city. His advise was for me to check-out a place called Manina’s and he told me the way to go there. So I did!

As if it was hard to find hehe. Just a short walk away from Chicken Ati-atihan and there I was by the side of what they call the “superdome” – yep, the city’s gym or multipurpose whatever. On its sides are a number of commercial spaces (just like how it is at the Araneta Coliseum), and one of them is Manina’s Food Haus. Funny how this food house is positioned and all I could say was “why not?”! How? Well, the live band performs at the very entrance door (foyer) to the restaurant. Patrons who want to listen/watch the bands occupy tables and chairs placed al fresco at the parking area, otherwise, they go inside the restaurant!

The table I got to grab was under a big tree, a bit to the side, a bit to the back, near the street’s side walk - where by-standers would position themselves to listen/watch the band without necessarily ordering food/drinks from Manina’s. There is even another drinking place just beside Manina’s but with darker lights, and where its customers take advantage of Manina’s band music! Oh, weirdly enough, you only enter the restaurant (that means passing behind the band) if you wanted to visit the comfort room hehe. And cars from other parking spaces pass between our tables and the band! Oh ha?! Aliw!

Fine enough place for me to while the evening away with SanMigLights. On my 2nd bottle however, a waiter came requesting me to transfer to another table a bit front and center (nearer the band) as its occupants just left. I obliged but asked why. Pointing to the hovering tree above us, his reply was “dakit na sir”! “Dakit” or “Dalakit” in the Visayas is a big tree (I think usually crawled upon by vines) that is believed by almost all locals to be habited by “unseen spirits”. More of like (if not the same as) the Balete tree in Manila or elsewhere Luzon! Good I obliged hehe, lest them unseen spirits take their wrath upon me. Duuu!

Hey I noticed some customers of Manina’s opt to stay in their cars while listening to the bands and drinking their beers. Well, why not?! All tables and chairs are in fact occupying the parking area (at least during daytime). I also noticed signages at establishments next to Manina’s were offices like COMELEC, BIR and other such government offices. Well then again… why not, right?! They only have the bands and tables and chairs out in the evenings, I suppose, hehe!

Oh well, here are more of what I saw…

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