Thursday, November 29, 2012

Poodle Star

Yep, still about #davao #philippines and I loved this cute little thing! This parol was part of those being sold at that row of stalls as mentioned in the previous story. It looked kinda’ catchy to me. Much like a poodle hehe! And cute too, as this is just about two feet or three from top to the bottom tip of the two “ruffles” whatever they are called. Plus, made of 100% indigenous materials. I really loved this thing! I was even contemplating of bringing one or two home. But I was not sure if those can be hand-carried or needed to be checked-in. Whatever the case, I could have brought them home at no extra cost.

Now am thinking (with a little bit of blaming me, myself and I)… why did I not get at least one to bring home? Hmm, maybe it’s because I hate handcarries other than the backpack. Even the gadgets go in the backpack! So if I did get one of these or two or three, they wouldn’t have been able to enter the backpack since they’re just about exactly as big hehe! And I don’t imagine I would have dared to check-in anything like these. They’d be crushed flat with the way baggage handlers at our airports do their thing.

Still am thinkin… maybe too I did not want to cut my walking tour short by going back to The Pinnacle if I bought one of these! Yeah, maybe. Hey I caught myself silly touching it very lightly and slightly as if it were a newborn little poodle hahaha! Only to find out those materials are now of rigid dry natural things!

I think what made me more enamoured to this kind of lantern was the material it is made of. I asked the manong there and I think he said 'parts of the coconut tree”. Or probably banana. Or coconut and banana?! Ah whatever! All I know is I loved this kind of “parol”. Poodle-like yes, cute yes, native materials yes, and most especially unique! I think there were just 5 or so pieces in the entire row of stalls.

Oh well, at least I took a photo of my little poodle star hehe!



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