Thursday, November 29, 2012

Non-Energy-Consuming Lanterns

This is still my #davao #philippines series as I walked around. From afar, at first I thought “how boring”! But as I walked for a closer look at all of them stalls and their Christmas decors for sale, I realized whoah, this was different!

I ogled at many of them and there seemed to be a common denominator, all were just the plain “parol”. Yep, the lanterns without the many bling blings or neon and whatever lights like we see everywhere in this country during the holidays. Then again, it was just about 9AM. But I asked one manong saying “walang mga ilaw?” and he nodded!

Hmm, without the lights… I think they look more attractive. Energy efficient too!

And I was like a little child ogling at each one and thinking… dreaming,,, even talking to myself! “Or maybe we could put some candles inside those. Ah no no no, that would be quite dangerous! Or maybe put some glow-in-the-dark things like those toys (even crucifixes) that can be bought from Divisoria. Ah, that would be unnatural and won’t last in the dark. Or maybe let some fireflies hover around. Like hello?!!! Ah, they’re just beautiful as they are day or night.”! Those were some of the "discussions" that ran between me myself and I!

Who the hell decreed anyway that Christmas always needs to be like Policarpio St., right?!

Well, if indeed there were no energy-consuming lights, blinkers, sounds and what ever whatevers, I think they should be friends with the Earth Hour Organization! I loved them just the same!

I Like!




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  1. Gone are the days when majority of the Filipinos patronize those non energy consuming lanterns.
    In a fast paced world everything has changed to those colorful objects powered by electricity.

    I was looking at my pictures way back in grade school when we were busy creating christmas lanterns out of recycled items and it makes me feel nostalgic.

    Everything has changed infact ang hindi lang nagbabago ay ang salitang change mismo...

    Happy Holidays philippine travel notes.