Saturday, April 28, 2012

Arcee’s Restaurant

Still in Balanga and the group of bird watchers (that includes me hehe) set out to lunch at some place along the highway. Just the way going there, away from the usual bustling central district already told me we were going to eat at some special kind of place. I was not mistaken. This is a native hut with native everything – very “barriotic” in fact. Consistently, the food they serve is also “barriotic”, some even exotic, but/and, THAT is exactly what many of folks like in this restaurant!

Its a turo-turo alright, but I might qualify that as the “turo-turo extra ordinaire”! Everything is laid out in a counter and you point what you like so the assistants can scoop a serving for you. Uniquely too, each dish is labeled with cut pieces of yellow paper where the name is written with a pentel pen. Why? Because many of them viands look the same when cooked. So you better read and understand well what each dish is. Examle, I was about to point at something that looked like CPA (Chicken Pork Adobo). Good I glanced and read the label because it said “Adobo Palaka”! Ayiyiii! Ayaw!

But there are more than what anyone will like. I think I counted more than 30 different kinds of food items on the counter that was oh so crowded it was difficult to get the attention of any food server, much less take pictures of the display counter!

I loved the crabs and that soup thing they cook with guava!

Nice find!


  1. What more can one want from Asia and its lovely nations. You will surely be served some delicious food at the Arcee's Restaurant once you reach by flights to Philippines. Along with the tantalizing attractions the food and all is also quite an temptation in Philippines.

  2. Hi again, just thinking maybe you'd like to join Pinoy Travel Bloggers.

  3. Jaym, not sure (yet) what it does ;)

  4. I thought kasama ka sa group eh. Wala pala hehe