Monday, March 26, 2012

Funny Pinoy Mixes 002

Since we last mentioned Emperador in the previous list, let’s go on with that thing being mixed with other things else. But by the way, some of these folks I encountered and asked also go for Gran Matador, though most of them say they prefer Emperador since the former tastes like plastic. Hmm, don't they all?! Anyway, here are more of the mixes…

Emperador and Sprite
I think this is not that unfamiliar. Is this? Just the same, since I am not a fan of mixes, I find this concoction odd though simple. And yes, it is also on the rocks. To be exact, there are I think no alcoholic drinks that are not mixed with ice – at least in the Philippines. Even tuba and lambanog! Ah, we’ll get to those two later.

There are variations to this brandy mix. I have seen folks do Emperador and 7-up while yet others more did/do Emperador and Royal (tru orange)! Oh, since I mentioned that… did you know that this “Royal Tru-Orange” is a Philippine original? Yeah, am not even sure if this is being marketed in other countries now, but it was first produced here in the 1920s  of course, still by San Miguel. Whoah, I still remember! That was part of my research on a college paper some millions of lightyears ago hehe!

Well, if I may digress a bit further, on being first, didn't most of Asia's anything on development into the new civilization originated in this little archipelago? Its just so different now, almost the other way around hehe. Maybe Pinoys are saying “tapos na kami dyan sa mga first first na yan, so subukan naman namin maging kulelat“ whaahehehe!

Anyway, back to our mixes, and let’s complicate matters a bit…

Emperador and C2
Yep, that’s the iced-tea drink that I never imagined would figure in the “cocktails” menu of the Pinoy hehe! I asked the two folks drinking this mix and they said the right balance should be one-is-to-one. That means 1 flask (lapad) mixed with one regular bottle of the C2 iced-tea in whatever flavor/variant you like. Hmm…

Emperador (Long Neck) and Limejuice
This got my salivary glands activated just by looking at a group do this mix. Not that I liked or wanted to taste it, but I was so sure that is such a sour mix. I think those boys got the idea of doing this mix to experiment a deviation from the usual and very common…

Gilbeys and Limejuice

Yeah, this is a very common mix amongst drinkers. Hard drinkers that is. And this is known to be the stealthiest of drinks. Simple and citrusy cool to the mouth and throat, but gets anyone drunkest the fastest! Believe me, I have tried this once on a beach party with some childhood friends (you know who you are childhood friends, okay?), and I guess I passed out hehe. I guess!

There is a known ceremony in this mix that I always like watching. Cap removed, Gilbeys bottle must be planted firm on a table (or the ground, whichever is steadiest). Then the also already opened bottle of limejuice is inverted atop the gin so that their rims meet without any liquid spilling – thankfully bottle openings seem to be of standard diameter sizes! Then you watch as the two liquids start mixing by themselves! No need to shake. When the liquid’s color is an even light green, you have to expertly “disengage” the bottles… and start the tagay!

OH, golly I forgot whose picture that one is! folks if this came from you, please raise your hand so I can acknowledge. And, before we get carried away with gin and limejuice, let us first round the rest of the Emperador mixes that I have seen so far. I know there WILL be more. But here is a one last mix that I thought was mind-boggling…

Emperador, Water and Halls
Wondering what “Halls” is? You guessed it, the innocent candy hahaha. Three of them. And the guys drinking this mix told me you can choose other flavors of the candy, though they always prefer HoneyLemon! How to do it? Pour the brandy into half a pitcher of water (I guess that was about 500ml or less). Those guys clarified that if you want to be meticulous, it should be exactly 1 part Emperador and 1 part water. Then toss in 3 pieces of Halls HoneyLemon – from the wrapper, I think, not from your mouth!

I guessed just correctly when I said to myself “these guys are not drinking to get drunk” hehe! They have not only let the alcohol go off, they even diluted it and tossed in some sweets! And good for them since they were all driving. Interestingly interesting hehehe!

Ah, lets leave the brandy temporarily, be it an Emperador or a Matador! The rhum is waiting! But lets do that in part 003!


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