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Funny Pinoy Mixes 003

As said in part 2, let us leave the brandy for the mean time and go to the rhum! Of course that world-class drink figures here – Tanduay – which many a sosyal or pa-sosyal Pinoy consider as “cheap” in the figurative sense. While I am no fan of Tanduay, I do know though, that in almost all countries I have been to, that thing is considered one of the best and expensive rhums!

Aha, lest I forget, let me put on record that Tanduay was the very first alcoholic drink I have tasted willfully! Shhh, wag maingay, some kids are listening! That was way way long ago, and of course it was mixed with coke! But, your eyes will pop to know who I drank with and at what age hehehe. So am not telling! Unless you coerce me of course hahaha! Nulang-dulang! Okay, there it is, if ever I forget, I will just come back to this article hehe heheeeee!

Anyway… the merry mixes! Oh, yes the mixes!

Tanduay, Water, Red Horse, Milo 
That is some mix for a start, aight? Well, at least for me - especially so, because I tasted it! One of the weirdest, I must insist! Group told me that the quantities should be 1 flask, 1 red horse stallion, half pitcher water ~ about half a liter actually and 1 sachet of the powdered Olympic energy drink. Whoa! Those guys must have been experts. They told me the best way is to mix all the liquids first before putting the powder in. AND, no stirring!

The obvious inconsistencies in the “process” led me to ask for more explanations, and they readily answered! Like, no stirring because the mix would become too sweet and chocolatey you wont anymore think you were in a drinking session! My 3rd year high school science brain agreed, by stirring, alcohol would evaporate quickly and the Milo would dominate! Then, "never mix the milo and water first because Tanduay won't mix well with it". Weh?! I doubted that but did not anymore question!

Tanduay, Water, Red Horse, Coffee 
A variant of the above, this one is only different on the powder thing. And they use (usually) the sachet sizes of coffee or that thing they call a “stick“. Have seen some folks doing this, but I have not yet tasted it. Well, after the above, I do not really have to do so anyway. I know it feels like, eh, whatever! Let me share my description… on the mix with Milo, that is.

Its thin or malabnaw to be like baileys or kahlua, too thin even to be like a chocolate drink laced with alcohol. But too strong to be called a snack drink either! And finally, its not something I can drink and be merry about hehe. Now change the chocolate part with coffee, yep, even if you say you are using the 3-in-1 or 5-in-one, am sure you will just have made the thing bitter as opposed to the sweetness of Milo. Plus ice cubes?! Argh! Malabnaw on all counts!

So its as if I am looking for a thicker consistency, right? Hear this…

Tanduay, Water, Red Horse, Coffee AND Condensed Milk 
Awrrr, sometimes its not good openly complaining, for there usually comes a solution that you may not also like hahaha!  Ayan, naghanap kasi ng hindi malabnaw! This is a more complicated variant of the above. Just imagine this mix, and you will readily agree it gets a bit thicker. Though I have not tried this one, am not really sure I will like or not like it! This just sounds so, whatever hehe! Cant complain though, since the mix seem "delicious"!

Tanduay, Water, Nescafe, Milo and Condensed Milk 
A friend thought this was weird enough, but I thought that was interesting. With the right amounts, this mix is probably an approximation of baileys or Kahlua!

Tanduay, Water, Red Horse, Coke 
Okay, we are out of the ‘hot drinks’ being mixed into the alcoholic drink, and I had to mention this mix since this is what I saw on the next table! Am a bit fine with this one (after seeing the above mixes hehe) but I think I would rather they omit the water. Hmm, that would be a bit strong for a social drink! That would then make me a true blue lasinggero!

Let us go to some other rum mixes that are a bit lighter.

Tanduay, Water, Tang Orange 
Except for the water part, I think there is supposed to be nothing wrong with this mix. In fact, my favorite when I was younger, the zombie, is basically composed of rhum and orange juice – with 2 or 3 other things added to the mix. But this one gets a bit complicated in the process. Pour half the Tanduay to the water, pour the powdered orange to the remaining Tanduay, re-cap bottle and shake to melt powder. Then pour bottle contents to the pitcher. Pour back a certain amount of the "new" mix to the bottle to clean its contents back to the pitcher. Put ice cubes and tagay na!

Tanduay, Water, Guayabano (soursop)
That is still the Tang powder in sachet! But I did wonder how that guyabano mixes well with rhum. Though my saliva is oozing at the mention of that fruit, I might say, this one is still imaginable. I mean, anything fruit is probably fine with Tanduay! Even fruit cakes have Tanduay, di ba?

I have heard gin and this guayabano thing, but with rhum, it seems new to me. Again, am not a fan of mixes and then tagay! The tindera tells me that some do this mix with other Tang flavors like mango or grape. Acidic but fine I guess!

This next one was a real OMG to me!

Tanduay, Water, Tang, Nescafe 
Yep, that is the Tang and Nescafe products in sachet – and I now realize that is the reason there is always water in these mixes. But imagine this, how does a mixture of orange juice and coffee taste? That is what perplexes me. the Tanduay seems irrelevant, right? Because I think rhum and juice or rhum and coffee are just fine as themselves. But fruit juice and coffee seems ahhhhhk to me hehe! Just thinkin about it, my stomach already grumbles hahaha!

Now there is a twist to that mix and that is…

Tanduay, Water, Tang, Milo 
I am not joking. I saw this and I see these still at a drinking place I know! Again, the rhum is out of the question here, This is like you grabbed your little brother’s morning drink (Milo) and your mom’s breakfast drink (Tang), mixed them and gulp! Ayeeeeee! Kalain!

Not only that, in one of those instances, I saw immaculate white uniforms doing this kind of mix (yeah, nursing and med studes) and the Tang they used was colored purple! Am not sure what flavor I know the brand was unmistakably Tang.


Tanduay and Nestea 
Well, after having seen Emperador and Nestea, I was not surprised to have encountered some folks drinking this mix. Acceptable to my tongue, throat and tummy, than the above, I guess!

Pink Pussy 
This is still Tanduay, this time mixed with condensed milk and strawberry powder. I would think that one is still the Tang. I couldn't see it well, but I know it was the sachet pack. Well, just like the fruits, I think this is imaginable. Though milk and juice may not readily be a common mix, I do know that some juices they make at home have a touch of milk and nuts.

I think this is a real-bar cocktail that was brought to the streets – because of the name. Interestingly the color is real lovely pink. But I will dare say, there is no pink-colored pussy, literally or figuratively, whatever you may want to interpret that word to be! A pussy is never lovely pink like this drink hahaha! Aminin yan!

There is a part 004, therefore!


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