Sunday, March 25, 2012

Funny Pinoy Mixes 001

My travels do not only expose me to the many sights and sounds around this country! They also, sometimes necessarily, lead me to encounter what people drink to celebrate or while time away (aka inuman, laklakan, tunggahan, 2 for the road, nightcap and, whatever else)! I noticed though, majority of the younger “social drinkers” – I mean those who drink with a group of other people like friends or officemates have the propensity to opt for mixed drinks. It probably is due to cost? Or probably too, so they won’t be too drunk when they reach home?

Well, different people have different reasons and different tastes. But most of the time I see or hear dizzying mixes. I mean I do not even have to sample many of those drinks. The ingredients used alone, already make me dizzy! At times I even want to already puke just by seeing them carry those things they are about to mix hehe!

What and which drink? Ah, too many! Some are cute, some are worth a sip, some seem upfront outrageous and some are unbelievably unimaginable. The problem is… I have tried some of them! Not that I really want to nor even know how to, but my asking (atrevida kasi) led people to offer me a shot or sip to taste what they got! Hehe and gosh!

Hey foreigner, don’t dismiss this as just ‘for Filipinos’! Some of the ‘incidents’ and/or mixes mentioned below are from non-Filipinos! And hey metrosexual (whatever that really means), don’t you too shun this story. You may just pop into somewhere where your usual drink is either considered “others” or not available at all!

Let me start sharing some of them. Note that when I mention a brand, that means those who mix and drink them specified those brands. Otherwise, just any brand will do – e.g., limejuice – no one cares what brand they get to grab from the store! And let us start with those that are easy on the ears!

Haha, I know this will be endless! Here I go:

San Miguel Beer (SMB) Pale Pilsen and Coke!
Ahhck! I can sense some of the boys squirming just reading that one! Don’t be alarmed yet, this is just the start. And this kind of “mix” is very common to the womenfolk, right? And there are variants on both sides of the mix  like the SMB can be replaced with SanMigLight (SML), Red Horse, etc. While still others will want Pepsi as they say it is ‘sweeter”!

On top of the mix, this is supposed to be a drink “on the rocks”! Yeah, yeah, some westerners will have their eyes grow wide at that! Europeans may even say that is total disrespect to the beer and the brew hehe! But let’s give it to us the Pinoys. This is not a cold country anyway, and many a fridge cant chill a beer that fast nor that respectably! So, be used to seeing even the ‘alta sociedad’ putting ice on their beer glasses!

SMB and Sprite!
This was a Caucasian retiree waiting for the wife who was probably having another time of her life at the mall. Both beer and sprite were ice-cold, not on the rocks, at least! I asked if mixing the Sprite in, makes the beer taste better. He said, not really since it takes the bitter-sweet taste away - for which a beer should be. But the carbonation of the soda makes the drink more bubbly to wake him up. And everything is diluted so he does not get drunk before lunch. At least! Oh ha?! Reasonable!

Beer and Power/Energy Drink
Yes, and I said OMG when I first saw this kind of mix! Bewildering! Most of the time its Red Horse and Red Bull, but I saw other similar “varieties” like SMB and Cobra. With the influx of other energy drinks Lipovitan, Bacchus and Red Bull seem to be slowly shying away from this mix. So I now see Red Horse and  Samurai, Red Horse and Extra Joss or Red Horse and Gatorade.

The weirder thing is when I asked why this kind of mix. The dudes told me “beer is downer and energy drink is upper, so there's a balance, such that you can still drive”! OMG really!

I asked a doctor friend and he told me that is a stupid maxim, that they could even instead have a cardiac arrest because of the mix – though he qualifies that with “not a proven cause of death yet’!

Red Horse and Emperador

Ah this one is fun! This is mixing a strong beer and brandy! I could not imagine how it would taste and how it would affect the body and mind hehe. Specification: one 500ml of the beer and one flask (lapad) of the brandy. I asked why this kind of mix. The reply I got was “to make the drink stronger”. I further asked which drink was being made stronger, the beer or the brandy. Reply: “both”! I laughed at the realization saying “so Fundador can actually be made stronger! I got a quick reminder from one of the men: “no, ‘wag mong hahaluan ang Fundador, mahal yan, sayang’! Hahaha!

But there was an extra lapad lying flat on the table so I asked why. The girls in the group giggled saying “ladies’ drink”!

Emperador and Coke
So came another companion of the above group bringing 2 bottles of Coke 8oz. and gave it to the girls. I watched them pour everything to a pitcher then filled it with ice and the “tagay” started. That’s 1 lapad to 2 bottles of Coke 8oz. says one of the girls. How should we call this mix? Brandy Cola or Emperador Coke on the rocks?! Whew! This does sound as if I have heard about this mix at some bar. I think!

Note btw, everything’s ‘on the rocks’! Again, this is the Philippines where it could be warm even when raining!

Ah, let’s go on to the weirder mixes next! promise!


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