Friday, March 30, 2012

Clear Taste

Well, look at the things I find when I roam hehe. Here is another one you might call really really lost in translation! It is probably a typo that did not get noticed by the whole company. Its a big factory by the way! Maybe their English teacher did not emphasize enough that ‘wrong spelling is wrong’ hehehe! Especially funny since the first 3 letters of that misspelled word means something really dirty for Filipinos

Whatever they mean by ‘clear taest’ or ‘clear taste’, if you haven’t yet, you should try Soju sometimes. Its good! But wait, refreshing as it may look with the "fresh morning" sign, it is not a morning drink nor a softdrink! The "fresh morning" is probably meant to tell that you won't have a heavy head or hangover when you wake up. I can tell its way stronger than Red Horse! So its probably a gin or a vodka or something like that!

Ah, the imported signs of our times!


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