Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Dakak Park & Beach Resort Room

It was in the late 80s that I first got to this place. And my goodness, instead of dilapidating or deteriorating. Its just getting lovelier! I probably was lucky I went this time that it looks like the whole place has been spruced up. Though there is probably nothing in the next decade or two that will break the serene beauty of the whole cove. Am not saying that as a final word hehe. Who knows the owners of this big area might suddenly sell parts of the cove so that it will become another Boracay, Alona, Saud or Galera where resorts and many that are ‘trying to be resorts’ are almost literally on top of each other. Who knows, right?! But as of this last visit, Dakak Park and Beach Resort is still as fantastically remote as it had been, but with all the comforts and amenities one would need. That’s why I like it still!

The little man, oh yes the little guy! He is just about the height of my waistline or a little above that, but he is an employee of the resort. He looks like a child but he is an adult. Am not sure if we can call him a midget since he seemed well-proportioned – on a tiny scale, that is. But he is a room boy or bellman or something like that and he came forth to bring my backpack and show me to my room. I of course said I’d be the one to bring my bag but he insisted and was in fact already lugging it, so I left him to it. Small as he is, he was able to put my backpack on a shelf of the cabinet that is about my chest level. Jolly little strong man with a big smile!

Well, there are no “small or smaller rooms” in this resort btw. Everything is big, bigger or biggest. So yes, it will be kind of absurd for you to be going there like I did… alone! I felt like a tiny speck inside my room. This, btw, is just one of those they call the “standard” rooms. Yep, meaning the cheapest! These are duplex style buildings (2 rooms per building). I think I heard they also have something like houses good for groups of as many as 30 people, but I didn’t bother about that since I was just me, myself and I. Eh, maybe these pictures would better describe where I stayed. Notice that the dresser, sink, shower and fridge area is a separate room in itself with enough space to dance a-la Michael Jackson hehe!

Alright, that's where I stayed for the next three days... though I originally booked for an overnight stay! How did that happen? I actually don't know. Maybe I enjoyed being in this place? Maybe hehe!


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