Monday, February 28, 2005

Beware of JAM / Tritran Bus

Readers should all be aware of this when going to Puerto Galera or any of the destinations en route to Batangas City! There is an anomaly that the bus company (or probably just their employees and without the management’s knowledge) has been perpetrating.

Last February 25, 2005, being a holiday, I, together with three of my friends decided to go to Puerto Galera for a much needed weekend break. We decided to take a JAM/Tritran bus by reason of its station being conveniently located at EDSA near Kamuning which happens to be nearest our residences. This decision to take Tritran ruined our weekend!

We were at the bus station as early as 5:30AM so we can take the 6AM trip. We happily rode on bus number 727, a yellow JAM liner. The aircon was great – even too cold and the bus was clean. It got readily full to capacity so we left by just about 5 minutes past 6AM.

Upon departure, the “conduktor” distributed tickets without asking for our money yet. After he has given tickets to everyone, he collected our fares. Maybe it’s quicker that way! But THAT is not the issue here!

As we cruised along EDSA and into the South Super Hi-way, we felt no signs that there was something wrong. Except that when we were already in the Magallanes area, Mr. Konduktor was already rushing and sounded irritated if anyone gave him bills instead of an exact 143 pesos. This I specifically heard from him: “Magagalit na ang Inspector ko, ang layo na natin di pa ako nakaka-singil sa lahat”. That he exclaimed to a passenger who only had a P500 bill and walang barya.

Curiously, and you might want to call it a co-incidence or even a miracle, when he was done collecting all our fares and joined the driver up front, just a few seconds went on and the bus stopped along SSHi-way at an area between Sucat and Alabang! Without the driver or the conductor even going down to check on anything, the conductor declared to all passengers “me sira po tayo”! Then they opened the door and motioned for everyone to get down. He told us, he will flag other JAM or Tritran buses going to Batangas pier so we could ride using our already paid tickets.

On the highway, and at the risk of being run over by speeding cars, majority of us did not want to ride the passing buses since there was no space to sit on. So we demanded that the conductor return our money – so we can ride the city buses to Alabang and take other buses there bound for Batangas. Arrogantly, this conductor declared he will not do that and said “hindi pwede yan, ako ang pagbabayarin ng kompanya ko”. So we said call your company to send another bus to fetch us. He said they have no phones. I offered my cellphone just to be able to call and he was very ready to retort that he or the driver does not know the number to their offices.

Note that these altercations took about an hour while we were still on the hi-way. And yes, he was already getting successful since other passengers acceded to riding and standing along the aisles of the passing JAM and Tritran buses. We are not used to standing on a bus for two hours so we did not like it. Amongst our co-passengers was a European looking old man traveling with his wife and child, another western-looking lady who looked like a tourist to me and local families traveling with babies or little children. All the rest of us were just probably holiday seekers.

Note also that all these times, the driver was just either sitting on his seat or standing in front of the bus while all of us were behind it as the conductor was there trying to wave at passing buses from their company. Note further that all these times, we never saw an attempt from the driver or the conductor to open up anything on the bus to check on anything wrong.

When the hi-way patrol came, we told him our predicament and he actually tried talking the conductor to return our money. The conductor did not do so, citing the same reason na sya daw pagbabayarin ng company nya.

I told the patrolman to bring us to a police station together with the driver and conductor so we can file a complaint and so that our fares will be returned. The patrolman hesitated saying: “ang dami nyo sir”! And just as he said that, the “wrecker” (that truck that tows broken cars) arrived. They have not even attempted to tow the bus yet and all of a sudden, the engines went on and the driver told everyone “tara sakay na”. So we, about more than half of the bus load returned to the bus with all our belongings. The others already rode on the passing buses.

As we all made our way back up to the bus, I glanced at the patrolman who was half-smiling and shaking his head. I was most certain he meant this: “porke ito-tow na, biglang umandar”!

And the bus did travel at the same condition as before. Only this time, the air-conditioning was not blowing cold air but just some kind of a fan. Note that until this time, we were not told what was wrong. All that the conductor could say was “me sira”.

As we moved along the hi-way, I told one of my friends, “pustahan tayo pag nakalabas na ito ng south superhiway biglang me sira uli and pabababain nanaman tayo”!

When we reached the Petron gas station, true enough, the driver maneuvered the bus to what looked like a “paradahan” of Tritran buses and the conductor ceremoniously announced hindi na talaga pwede, me sira ang bus.” At this point, way past Alabang, even if I shouted on top of my voice in argument, I knew it would have been useless. And I could not see a policeman anywhere. All I could hear was the complaining other passengers and some babies already wailing since their mothers were also bickering with the conductor.

There was an old man stationed at that area who seemed to be an employee of Tritran and who looked like a mechanic (brown overalls that looked like a uniform). Whether he was a mechanic or whatever, none of them AGAIN tried checking anything on the bus. This old man and the driver went to the roadside to flag other Tritran or JAM buses. This, while the conductor lingered around the gas station, talking and laughing with some gas attendants.

When the first bus arrived – and as expected, was very full – the four of us rushed in since we had a boat and a resort reservation to catch. As our “new” bus left the Petron station, I saw the driver texting on a cellphone. If it was not his, then who could have it been?! Akala ko ba wala silang mga cellphone! And my goodness, how could they not know the phone to their company.

Anyway, from that area, all the way to Batangas pier, the four of us, together with some other passengers were standing elbow-to-elbow on the aisle of the bus. We were standing on a bus but we paid the same fares that those who were comfortably seated or loudly snoring on their seats have paid.

On our return trip to Manila, Sunday, 27th February 2005, we made every effort not to ride on a Tritran or JAM bus. Note that these are the multitude of buses waiting for passengers at the Batangas Pier bound for Cubao or Lawton or Alabang and wherever else. The other buses would seem a minority in that area!

On the bus that we took from Batangas Pier (Alps – white bus – also clean and tidy), I relayed this story to the conductor who readily smiled and told us that it was a “raket” known to be being perpetrated by Tritran/JAM bus company since they have a lot of buses. These are the details:
- All fares are collected first
- driver declares there is something wrong
- passengers are asked to disembark and ride the passing buses
- bus driver goes back to EDSA area or Alabang to pick “other” passengers
- THEREFORE, their total fare collection is twice the capacity

Beautiful experience, right?! The bad part is that this condemnable act also already happened to me last November on my way to Pandan Island across Sablayan in Mindoro Occidental. I took the same bus company at about 10PM so I could catch the 12 midnight boat to Abra De Ilog from Batangas Pier. What happened on that trip? Oh just read above! It was the same story all over again except that I took the first available passing bus. I was a better fool that time since I was sleepy and the conductor was probably a good actor!

Now I have resolved that I will send this story to everyone I know and will never ever take a JAM or TRITRAN bus again. That is probably unless the owners of the damn company would ride with me on any of their buses. That way I would be sure there won’t be any hitches!

So holiday-rush riders, beware!


  1. take the busses at edsa and taft.. dunno if they are the same but they do bring you to the bats pier with no hassle at all. on the other hand.. on the way back to manila, you could hire fx's or L3's that would bring you to manila for a fee.. if youre just up to it

  2. No such problem here with the Jam terminal at LRT station nearest Makati.

  3. aww! i'm suppose to take that bus tomorrow going to calamba! any suggestions?

  4. Anonymous28/4/07 10:12

    bastos ang mga konduktor ng JAM
    nang haharas ng mga pasahero lalo na pag magandang babae.. nanghihingi ng number at tatabi pa sa upuan mo..

  5. Anonymous25/8/07 12:00

    I have never had this happen to me, but I was once ripped off by a taxi driver and once by a tuk-tuk driver in Thailand. Both times, while I was making my case, I carefully slashed the seats of the taxi and tuk-tuk driver. I don't mind getting ripped off, as long as I get my revenge. If this ever happend to me on a bus, I would certainly do the same to the seats of the bus.

  6. Just in case you would need it in the future. Tel # of JAM/Tritran 925-1758 or 925 1759.

    I currently live in Manila but i'm a native of Batangas...thankfully, in all my trips going to and from Batangas, i never experienced what you have recounted - well, maybe it was still the 90's when i used to travel every weekend back to my parent's house...

    Take care and i wish you the best. :)

  7. cursed jam liner! that bus line also ruined my vacation. we arrived at batangas port from mindoro around 4:30pm. we already bought a ticket from the port so that we would not have to worry getting about when we arrive in batangas. we boarded the bus at 4:30pm, but it was already 6:30pm and the bus was still not moving! the bus conductor was also very rude! angrily, we got out and got in an FX instead. i almost missed my appointment in manila.

    Grr.. may all their evils return to them a thousand fold!

  8. Anonymous19/4/08 05:00

    I sympathize with you kabayan! Grabe talaga ang iba sa atin, hangga't kayang mandaya, mandaraya talaga!

    I could feel the frustrations and the disappointment when I read your story. What can we do in times like these? Hindi naman tayo pwedeng magsabi ng "you need juicy fruit gum," baka masapak pa tayo ng iba nating kasabay sa bus.

    Pero nakakainis talaga ang mga ganyan. Nakaranas narin ako ng ibang pandaraya ng iba nating kababayan, may iba't iba silang mga modus operandi, minsan kasabwat pa nila ang police!!!

    I am planning to go to Puerto Galera with my family. Nakarating na ko don, thank God walang nangyaring pandaraya. I am just worried ngayon kasi nga kasama ko ang parents ko at family ko. Nakakahiya namang kaladkarin ko silang magbakasyon tapos madadaya lang kami!

    Ewan ko kung ano ang dapat gawin sa mga taong ganyan. Sana talaga may justice sa Pinas...kasi minsan manhid na ang mga tao sa kakagawa ng mali sa kapwa!

    Sa isang banda, may ibang JAM/Tritan bus naman na nagta-trabaho ng tama, pagpalain sila ng Dios! Pero sa mga taong nandadaya, eh...they know one day all the bad things they did will catch up on them.

    I wish I could say sa kundoktor kung hihingin nya ang bayad ko ng maaga, "mamaya na ako magbabayad kung nandyan na ang inspector." kaso di naman pwede ang ganon baka lalong maasar ang kundoktor.

    Sana magingat nalang tayong lahat.

  9. Anonymous21/5/08 22:25

    going travelling this weekend. glad i stumbled upon your site. if i remember it correctly, we experienced the same thing on the way home from puerto galera.

    had i known.. had i really known... i'd really give their bus sira or at least wipe their smirks off their faces.


  10. try to take buses na may credibility like Victory Liner and 5 Star in the North. I don't know if ano ung bus company na going to the south (batangas and laguna area). Going to Bicol, the undisputed Philtranco.

  11. Anonymous1/10/09 16:48

    tulog ako everytime im riding a bus eh...never experience that thing...mababait naman sila..

  12. Anonymous8/1/10 17:02

    thanks for the warning! i am currently planning a trip to puerto galera with my friends and thinking of this liner to book.

  13. Anonymous19/1/10 09:55

    Ganito rin ang naexperience namin sa SAULOG, papunta naman kami ng Pangasinan. Kinolekta rin lahat ng fare namin tapos ticket, nun nasiraan sa north expressway, ayaw rin isauli fare namin kasi ung konduktor daw ang pagbabayarin. Di natuloy lakad namin since sobrang alanganin na ng oras namin papuntang Manaoag. This should serve as warning din to all passengers who'd like to commute papuntang north.

  14. 1styrcollege7/3/10 14:33

    wala pang nangyayari sa akin nang ganyan. since nagkaroon ng JAC liner sa area ko na teritoryo din ng JAM liner (Biñan, Laguna), sa JAC liner na ako sumasakay dahil may student discount pa din sila pag Linggo.
    Anyway, if ever you want to go somewhere via Batangas Pier, I would reccomend Ceres Transport (blue )(this is different from Ceres Liner(yellow)) which is located on bus terminals of Lucena Lines/JAC Liner.

  15. Anonymous21/3/10 13:50

    My partner and I are wondering if we were in the same bus you took.
    we've been going to puerto galera for ten years now. at first i thought it was just one unlucky day. ayaw kasi namin sanang pag-isipan ng masama yung mga kababayan nating driver at konduktor. kaya nung 2nd, sabi namin, malas ulit. but then 3 years in a row, puro ganon! puro nasisiraan. kung hindi dun sa hiway,dun sa junction sa may batangas. hindi na sila naawa dun sa may mga bitbit na bata at sa mga matatanda. At ganon nga, pag may hiway patrol at tow, biglang aandar. These past years though, Natutunan na yata ng mga tao na makipagmatigasan sa konduktor. Parang kami. Kasi last year, dapat ganun ulit. Ayaw na namin talagang bumaba. Yun nga lang pag nagmamadali ka, wala kang magawa sa pag-acting ng driver at konduktor.
    salamat po sa nagpost ng number ng jam/tritan. Check ninyo website, walang number. Ewan kung sinadya, baka nabugbog ng reklamo. Siguro dapat yung mga regular na pumupunta dun, kunin na rin number ng hiway patrol. Para pag acting ulit driver at konduktor, tawagan natin. Hahanapin ko po number at ipopost ko dito.
    c u in puerto galera on march 27 to 31, 2010.

    P.s. Don't you think there's an anomaly in the ferry/boat companies as well? Parang yung dalawang schedule ng trips, pinagsasama sa isa. Sasabihin parating na, pero halos isang oras ka maghihintay, tapos puno na kayo bigla. At ang coast officials, kailan ba sila magbibilang ng pasahero at magiging consistent sa enforcement ng rules? pag may bagong lubog na bangka, ang sipag. paglipas ng isang buwan, wala na.

  16. Anonymous22/3/10 15:22

    good thing i was able to read this very informational blog. My partner will go there on march 25-28, 2010. We'll be riding a bus from cubao, any idea how much the fare would cost up to batangas pier?

  17. Anonymous24/4/10 21:11

    whoah ! i never thought things like this e nangyayare talaga .. buti nalang nabasa ko din toh, we'll be having a vacation pa naman din, para naman makaiwas na din kame sa mga ganiang bus liners .

  18. Anonymous10/6/10 16:18

    Thanks for this blog.! Me and my boyfriend were planning to go to Galera and good thing I saw ur blog bec. we were thinking of riding JAM bus liner pa nman. The most reliable bus liner for me is Genesis. The driver and conductor is very nice and friendly [not in a bastos way].

  19. Anonymous10/6/10 16:19

    Thanks for this blog.! Me and my boyfriend were planning to go to Galera and good thing I saw ur blog bec. we were thinking of riding JAM bus liner pa nman. The most reliable bus liner for me is Genesis. The driver and conductor is very nice and friendly [not in a bastos way].

  20. crash override16/6/10 01:39

    We are bound to Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu Batangas just right after Tagaytay, we arrived at Jam transit terminal (Buendia-Taft) and was informed that there is no trip straight to that location. Instead of going to Pasay for a one way trip, the bus assistant informed us that they will just drop us in a location they called "Diversion" where there is a bus terminal that has a trip straight to Nasugbu without knowing where the heck "Diversion" is. We agreed and felt satisfied with their suggestion knowing that the fare from "Diversion" to Nasugbu would be less than Php 50.00, just enough to cover the fare expense from their terminal to Pasay so we oblige. The supposedly 2 hours trip became a 3 hours trip until we reached our destination. "Where the hell are we?" "Just almost near Batangas port". We went to the other terminal and was happy that there is a trip straight to Nasugbu, unfortunately, the Php50.00 fare supposedly was almost the same as what we paid from Jam Transit terminal to "Diversion". At that moment, we have this mice running on our heads that Jam transit took advantage of us just for them to completely earn more for their own. How stupid we are not knowing where to go. We know it's all our fault and a lesson learned that is charged to our experience. So guys, avoid Jam transit especially if you do not know where your destination exactly is. You never want to have a 2 hours trip to be a 5 hours trip and pay almost double the fare which you should have paid. And for Jam transit, please provide good customer service. "GREAT Customer Service is the key to your SUCCESS!". But since this already have happened to us, we would be the group that would avoid your company. This is not a good experience for us even though we are your frequent customers since we are mountaineers that travels a lot. 0 star out of 5..
    ~Crash Override

  21. Anonymous21/9/10 09:43

    I experienced the same thing from Sta. Rosa City to my place of work. They have this racket talaga. I think we should bond together and complain. Sayang ang reklamo kung hindi natin tuturuan ito ng leksyon.


  23. Anonymous3/3/11 00:22

    dont u think that's a crime. they should be charged? that's basically robbing you guys of your fares. it will continue unless something is done. that's for sure

  24. Anonymous3/5/11 19:44

    Taga-Sta. Rosa ako.
    Last trip ko last year June 12,2010
    Wala namang problema sa biniyahe namin.
    Kung ayaw niyo sa JAM Liner, Edi mag-BBL or JAC Liner kayo.
    Kung bibiyahe kayo ng Bikol, Edi mag-Penafrancia kayo!

  25. Anonymous16/6/11 22:42

    Oooh that just sucks men?..
    We're also planning to go to galera this weekend. and good thing I read your blog.. ty.

  26. Anonymous19/6/11 15:41

    Why don't you all ride the 'ALPS'-Bus going to Batangas (Pier)?
    Or if you got enough money get a ticket from certain Hotels (in Ermita Areas). They bring you to the pier (Depart in the morning at around 8-boat fare incl.) and back to manila.
    Next time (june 2011) I'll take a ALPS-Bus from EDSA and then take a boat to Muelle.

    Thanky for the comment.

    A 'Puti' Tourist.

  27. Anonymous23/6/11 09:57

    i also experienced such not so lucky day riding with JAM BUS,just today. The bus stopped at Kamuning station just a few miles away from their garage at Muñoz, the arrogant conductor said LBM daw un driver at pag may ibang bus daw e transfer kmi e 2X ko n naexperience yun ganun reason with
    thesamedriver. Never go to work when not feeling well kasi dami taong mahalaga bawat minuto ang naabala. BUS #720 magbaon k lagi ng immodium or diatabs or better never go to work.and to taht arrogant conductor, talk nicely to your passengers ndi yung magtataas k p ng boses. kya ganyan n lang mga buhay nyo wla kayong mlasakit s kapwa puro pera lang impt sa inyo. kung wlang pasahero wla rin kayong kita. always remember that. sna lang nababasa din to ng mgnt to do something about it.


  28. dapat sa mga aroganteng kondoktor at drayber ay narereport sa management regardless of bus company.. kunin nio lang bus plate number tapos ireklamo kaagad ng magtanda mga animal na yan..

  29. Thanks for the warning, I guess the best solution is to:
    1) Get the 'emergency hotline' number of the bus company
    2) Travel only in the morning.
    3) Travel with a companion so that the conductor and driver would think twice before they have you 'salvaged'

  30. Anonymous27/4/12 18:26

    Nagdadalawang isip tuloy ako sumakay sa JAM bus. Yun pa nman ang plano naming sakyan going to laguna. Sa paghahanap palang ng mga Website ng bus company, mukang ung JAM liner lang ang walang Official Website. facebook account lang meron sila. mukang cheap nga ang JAM. unlike ung ibang mga bus liner e my Official website na mikita mo ung mga Schedule ang route nila. hays. Ano pa kaya ang pwedeng sakyan? di naman pwede sa mga Van na pampasahero kasi my bagahe kami.

  31. Anonymous6/4/13 10:16

    Nengngeneng yen! Buti na lang nabasa ko 'to. Balak ko pa namang sakyan yan pagpunta ko ng PG. Kaya pala maraming nasasaktan o namamatay sa bus accidents dahil sa overloading o 'di kaya dahil sa overloading kaya nagkaka-aksidente...

    Kayong mga bus drivers, konduktor, at kung sinu-sino pang kasabwat nyo sa modus nyo, tigilan nyo na yan! Makunsensya kayo... Hindi ba kayo naaawa sa mga batang pasahero nyo?

    Ipagsasabi ko talaga itong masamang ginagawa nyo! Ibo-boycott ko sampu ng mga kaibigan ko ang bus company nyo at kung sino pang bus company gumagawa nito.

    Kapag nangyari ito sa akin at nai-spoil ang bakasyon ko humanda kayo sa akin... ipagsasabi ko sa mga kasama kong pasahero ang modus nyo!!!

  32. Anonymous14/6/13 15:07

    naku nangyari di to sa amin kamakailan lang!

  33. thanks for sharing this. sana nakaabot to s LTFRB. :( nakakahiya ang ganitong mga Pilipino. nakakasuka!

  34. Anonymous26/4/15 11:59

    Take ceres or alps. Arrogant mga dispatcher sa cubao pinagaantay sa wala mga tao binababad sa araw wala silang pakialam di daw nila Kailan dadating bus nila lahat daw nasa batangas eh may schedule naman at pwedeng tawagan mga bus

  35. Anonymous8/4/16 16:09

    This incident should have been reported ot the office of JAM Transit and you should filed a complaint against those criminals. Let us be vigilant. Nowadays we can go to LTFRB and this case would be heard. Dapat magbayad ng damages ang mga taong.

  36. Anonymous25/1/19 16:31

    Dati sumasakay ako sa jam kaya lang inalis na nila yung discount for regular. Since then, di na ko sumasakay.

  37. Anonymous25/1/19 21:51

    Jam with bus no. 1510 masungit ang konduktor at parang may hinahabol ang driver sa bilis magpatakbo. Walang good customer service, will not ride again on JAM.