Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blue Marlin or Blue Marlyn

Its just a single letter for a difference anyway, so who cares hahaha! Hey Marlyn, are you blue? Then you'll probably be good to grill! Whaaahehehe!

Took that pic this afternoon at an eatery called 'Cafe Boujeador' just near the intersection of the main highway and the road that leads up to the 'Cape Bojeador Lighthouse' in Bayog, Burgos, Ilocos Norte!

Note: there is no typo in any word above. I reviewed them all hehe! Proof? See below:

Cafe - or café. you know what it is
Cape - a promontory (into water); headland; etc., (e.g., Cape Of Good Hope)
Bojeador - the place; pronounced "boh-ya-dor"
Boujeador - the restaurant's name. bakit bawal ba? ha?! so don't make angal na!!!

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