Sunday, June 28, 2009

A tour with happy (mis)adventures 03: No flights!

Day 3, Wednesday. Waking up early at Bohol Tropics, we just had time for breakfast and voila, Jesse the driver together with his boss (Ned) were there to fetch us for the 7AM trip. We were whisked to the pier and they gave our boarding passes inside the van. They did everything for us. All we had to do was enter the port and board. Yey! Thanks to Ned. I am no master of sea transport but the trip from Bohol to Cebu was on calm waters I do not anymore know what a stormy sea is like. Gosh, as if I want to experience it hehe!

On arrival at the Cebu Pier, our driver from ‘Cebu Trip’ was waiting for us. We rushed to my humble abode just to get things. We all knew we barely had time for our noontime flight. BUT… as we were rushing things at my house, we got a call from PAL Express that the flight was cancelled due to the same typhoon that apparently was now in the western part of the country therefore affecting Boracay! Aaaaargh! And we had to rush from Bohol only to find out we were not going anywhere out of Cebu. The PAL reservations agent said we were automatically booked for the following day and no need to go to the airport. Aw sus, what can we do… so we went raoming the city again – including almost all the malls hehe!

At least my guests were able to sample how to eat inasal at Matias and a bit of Cebu’s nightlife! I have never noticed this, but my friends pointed out that the crews of Matias has a unique and interesting way of carrying bottles of softdrinks to the tables. Ah its hard to describe, but yes, we watched it, they could carry as many as 9 bottles in one pass! Whew! One waiter it can even be as many as 12 to 15. We waited for that to happen, unfortunately there was no group that ordered that many bottles of soda. Oh well. Next time I pass by the place, I will ensure I get a photo of them doing the act. Aw, one more thing that my visitors realized… the pineapples from that manong by the side of the street in front of Matias are sweet. They even asked where those come from and the answer was Ormoc. Hmm, I am not yet a good tour guide hehe!

Following morning we had a lazy breakfast and started out late for the airport to catch our flight to Caticlan. I think the cooking and the washing must have eaten most of our time. Plus the fact that there is only one bathroom in my lowly abode so the four of us had to take turns. We barely made it! After I gave our tickets to James (PAL Express check-in agent), the check-in counter was closed. But all was not well (yet) hehe!

We were told that the flight was being cancelled due to some pesky little aircraft of Zest Air that overshot the runway. Moreover, authorities were sure such closure would last the whole day as the lifts and equipment needed to take the pesky overshooter away would still be coming from Kalibo. I looked around for options. Why was Cebu Pacific’s flight to Caticlan proceeding? Could we take that flight? The answer was yes at P4000++ each as go-show passengers and PAL Express won’t shoulder it because the cancellation was not their fault. And to top everything… Cebu Pacific was not actually flying off to Caticlan but just Kalibo and passengers still have to take the bus to Caticlan.

What a lucky day for the four of us! That was the 3rd cancellation in our planned itinerary! What the…!

Ah damn, I listened to the best advise that James offered… re-book our flight to tomorrow’s without any extra cost and let my visitors enjoy Cebu for one more day. So we did! And we roamed the dakbayan again! Yey! We even had time to play online at an internet cafĂ© in Ayala Center. Oh yes, SM Cebu helped us to kill most of our time hehe! We watched Transformers! Yey!


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