Sunday, April 20, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – San Pablo

This topic started with this article

San Pablo. There are 2 towns and 1 city i this country that are named San Pablo.

First town is up in the province of Isabela (Region 2, Cagayan Valley). This town faces the pacific ocean at the boundary with Cagayan province. Oh yes, this is that little town with a big big church made famous by Dan Rivers when he chanced upon it after losing track of a storm. When I was standing in the middle of the grounds (what used to be the inside of the church, I could sense that it must have the biggest and longest in this country.

San Pablo City? This is an old historic city that you can easily check on the net. I do not however call this city landlocked… its "mountain locked" hehe! Hey, I have seen them many times (during flight arrivals to Manila) but I have never been to all the seven lakes of that city (yet)!

Jumping far south to Zamboanga Del Sur is another town San Pablo just about 30 kilometers or so southwest of the capital Dipolog. This San Pablo is a fishing and farming coastal town facing Ilana Bay but it boasts of more mangroves than beaches. There are short patches though and there are the nearby Ticala Islands.


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