Sunday, September 23, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Pilar

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Whoa! There are 7 towns!

First is the town in Bataan (Region 3) sandwiched between Orion (on the south where you arrive via fast crafts from Manila Bay), and Balanga City (on the north). This Pilar town is of course where you find the famed and towering Dambana Ng Kagitingan – the cross-shaped building with a narrow and cranky elevator for you to get to the top! But oh my what an experience being up there!

Next is a town on the northern part of the province of Sorsogon (Region 5) in its boundary with the province of Albay. Have you heard about the “astilleros” during the Spanish era? There is one in this town called Panlatuan. Then again, this town is right beside Donsol and you guessed it right – the whale shark interaction is your great find in this place!

Third is another town named Pilar and that is in the easternmost tip of province of Capiz (Region 6) just bordering with the province of Iloilo. Not to be outshone by the two previous towns of the same name, this Pilar is a big player in the fishing industry as its bay is one of the richest fishing grounds in the area. Thus you’ll see a lot of “patis” makers here plus that stinky (but they say delectable) “guinamos”. And don’t miss that reef where you can go to on foot during low tide but must be approached via a boat during high tide. This place has an abundance of differently colored seashells and marine things. Have you heard about Maria Basanes? Hmm, go research about her! But all I will tell now is that she resides here. And oh, there are even caves in this town!

The 4th Pilar is a town in the province of Cebu (Region 7) and is faaar from the main island as it is part of the Camotes Islands. While of course there are beaches and even a natural brackish water lagoon, only go to this place if you have absolutely nothing else to do anywhere else! This is such a distant island from Cebu City and is better approached via Ormoc.

The 5th of the Pilar towns is in the middle-eastern hinterlands of the island province of Bohol (still in Region 7) and is some three hours by road from Tagbilaran City. Aside from a scattering of springs and caves, do watch out for the man-made lake courtesy of the Malinao Dam that is fed by two rivers! Note this is not and is still far from Bilar.

Then we have the 6th town named Pilar in the province of Surigao Del Norte (Region 13) and is part of the main strip of the surfing paradise which is the eastern seaboard of Siargao Island. There are also diving and snorkeling facilities. Aside from the Magpopongko, you must check-out the white sandy beaches as indeed they are to reckon with!

The 7th of them towns named Pilar is high up in the province of Abra (Region 15) in its border with Ilocos Sur. Aside from the Lake Kimkimay, there is nothing of note in this town for the touristy traveler!


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