Sunday, August 12, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Morong

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Take note there’s a letter G at the end of the word, you Morong hehe! But the towns' name is pronounced in a fast manner with the stress on the second syllable – quite much like in the speed and stress when pronouncing “berate” or “amass”. Clear? Okay now...

The first town is that famous place in the province of Bataan (Region 3) facing the south china sea. And yes, this is that town just by the border with Subic – the ex-Naval Base. And yes, if coming from Subic you pass through the “Morong Gate”. The sunset sights up on the highway is spectacular. Don’t miss it. Of course we all know this is a beach town and there are resorts. But if you can social-climb your way (like I did) to Anvaya Cove, grab the opportunity! Having experienced nature in the luxurious comforts and amenities at that exclusive resort estate was really grand. But I don’t dream of buying a property there. I just don’t think it’s worth it as a long term spend! OMG, social-climbing or not, never miss visiting the turtle sanctuaries (by local conservation teams) nearby. It will get you closer to earth and remind you of some little responsibilities we tourists have to watch out for.

Now the other Morong is in the province of Rizal (Region 4A – CALABARZON) which is on the shores of the Laguna Bay. This town is actually just 5 towns away from the metropolis and you can catch jeeps and vans going straight there. They have a claim that they have the best balaw-balaw but I don’t necessarily crave for that thing so I can’t comment hehe. I still like the simple sweet-salty and dry bagoong! This place is still part of the “art-towns” that spreads all over Laguna and Rizal. The old and imposing church is the biggest art of them in town.


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