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Getting Lost With Names - Burgos

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We’re just still in the same-name towns and cities that start with the letter “B”! As promised in my previous post, let us now try Burgos. The name traces back to a hero, Father Jose Apolonio Burgos who is the “BUR” in famous acronym GOMBURZA. Father Burgos was born in Vigan as an “insulares” having had a mestiza mother.

Anyway, Burgos town in Ilocos Norte’s northwest edge is famous to travelers as it is there where we catch the majestic Burgos Lighthouse also named Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. Its one of the tallest, oldest and actually still in use!

The other Burgos town is in Ilocos Sur (still Region 1). Well, rightfully I think since this is the province of the dear martyr. But for the visitor, this town is nothing much than an agricultural place that is landlocked and borders the province with Abra.

The 3rd Burgos is in the province of La Union (still Region 1) by its border with the province of Benguet. This town is nearer to Baguio than its capital of San Fernando! There probably are some interesting things to see in this mountain town but its proximity to other more notable places like Baguio at the moment obscures it as far as the local tourist is concerned!

Where is the 4th Burgos? It is in the province of Pangasinan (yes, still Region 1)! One of the westernmost towns actually, with great sunset views of the south china sea. The latest craze in this town with magnificent views are the sea turtles that come to shore at night. Why those turtles are coming in just lately, no one has yet came up with a story! Maybe the mothers of these turtles just started going to Burgos when they were laid as eggs? Probably!

Didn’t you notice something? Each of the only four provinces of the Ilocos Region has a town named Burgos! There is no indication somebody purposely planned this, and many of the Ilocanos may actually not be very much aware of this reality or “phenomenon”!

Oh we said there are 6 towns bearing that name, so where are the other two?

5th town named Burgos is in the province of Isabela (Region 2 – Cagayan Valley). This is actually the other side of the Cordilleras from Ilocos. Just like its neighboring towns of Aurora, Quirino, Gamu & San Manuel, this town is generally verdant plains where agricultural products are grown.

And the 6th town named such is way down in the northeastern tip of Surigao Del Norte (Region 13 – CARAGA). Yes, this is the northern most tip of the surfing capital (Siargao Island). And this town has the smallest population in that province!

Note that all 5 of the 6 Burgos towns are north of Metro Manila. So, if you say you're going to Burgos, be clear which one hehe! Ah, there are still more!

Another two towns in this country are not actually named just Burgos but their complete names are Padre Burgos! Oh my BurGOSH! So it’s the same thing, right?!

Padre Burgos in the province of Quezon (Region 4A – CALABARZON) is in the Tayabas Bay and near Lucena City. The place has good beaches (esp the Pagbilao Islets just across) and of course those famous sandbars they call Tulay-Buhangin (sand bridge). Aside from interesting sea finds in this sleepy fishing village of a town, it actually is part of the Quezon National Park.

The 8th Burgos, or the other Padre Burgos is a town in the southern tip of the province of Southern Leyte. And it’s equally interesting with white sand beaches and dive spots. It’s near the historic Limasawa Island. Oh yes, there are also whale shark (Butanding) sightings in the area! Scuba diving and snorkeling tours are the thing in this town.

Whew, so there are 8 towns in this country that bears the name of the dear martyr Father Burgos!

Let’s go to the letter “C”s!


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