Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Crepes and Beer in Boracay

Do they go together? Well, I don’t know. The thing is, it did not hurt me nor any of my companions!

We were strolling along the busy market area after dinner. Just to make the stomach a bit lighter again… for some to find coffee, others beer and others just about anything else to eat or do before we call it a day.

Then we stumbled upon this place called Le St. Michel Creperie, and most in the group wanted to try some. So we chimed in. Some ordered coffee to go with their crepes. But I wanted a bottle of beer. So I said, why not try it and just stop the crepe if it did not “sound” well in my stomach. So I got a bottle of Red Horse from the store across (just a few feet away on this crowded narrow alley), ate my crepe and guzzled my beer. Nothing happened in le stomach! So on with the beer and the crepe. I somehow loved the after taste – chocolate syrup and fruits erasing any hint of the strong beer hehe! Nice one.

Oh, am not a fan of crepes. I just eat when I feel like there’s nothing else to try. But I always love the ice-cream that comes with it. In this joint, they have a lot of flavors and the jolly girls of a crew were telling us they are the most famous creperie on the island. My mind swirled a bit trying to recall if there is even any place like theirs on this island. Can’t recall, since my eyes are never set in that foodie direction. Well, my companions all loved their crepes. So we stayed on for the rest of the evening before we crept the rest of the D’Mall and clambered on a trike back to Chalet Y.

Nice evening!


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