Sunday, June 29, 2014

8-Ounce or Sakto?

Listen up my fellow Coke addicts. This was such a fun and funny discovery!

I asked for Coke 8oz as I was devouring a delectable fried pork belly at this fastfood. This bottle was what appeared on my table but I sipped immediately anyway!

Me: Manang, sabi ko 8-ounce, Sakto itong ibinigay mo
Manang: oo sakto gyud, 8-ounce na dong
Me: Asuuus, nagpalusot si Manang! (and I asked for extra rice)

When she returned with my extra cup of rice, she also brought an unopened bottle of the usual “Coke 8oz” that many of us are familiar with. Beaming with pride like an elementary school teacher, this jolly manang pointed to me the contents label…

And I really took a closer look at the two bottles! Yeah, looks can deceive...

Whadyathink? Oh, here's a clearer view...

Later in the afternoon I passed by a carinderia and asked for “Coke Sakto”. Here it is, the usual “Sakto” that all of us know. It says 200mL.

Okay, my lips are sealed now. Ah, make that both feet in the mouth hahaha. Thanks to Manang, I learned something new today!

Oh well… the world is such a big classroom!

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