Thursday, December 12, 2013

Exotic Island Dive Resort, Kerikite, Almagro, Samar

That’s the full resort name and address!

Surprised? Me too! You and I thought this fine resort is only at Malapascua Island, right?! Known for the many thresher shark dives, right?!

Well, I just discovered, they’re already on Kerikite Island – though actually, still in the making! But I had the opportunity to visit it anyway, thanks to the jolly Barangay Captain of Kerikite and the few Exotic Resort staff who are already there.

The grounds are still mostly in a state of being ‘landscaped’ and there is just one real cottage nestled on a hill overlooking the beach. Fantastic views from up there! Other structures are also in the making, though there seemed to be no activity when we visited. I saw some other structures big and small also under construction. Same with what will become the resort's water system, and so on.

A promising new haunt for the itchy feet soon, I suppose! But let's see what I got...

Kerikite is covered by the red dot while Malapascua Island is at the tip of the blue arrow. That is roughly some 40 or so nautical miles. If you have your own boat or can hire one for a 'special trip', must be grand going by sea via the northern point of Leyte, then Biliran and up to the main town of Almagro before hitting Kerikite. But if you were commuting, you'll have to get yourself to Calbayog City and ride the boats to Almagro/Kerikite! I hear there also are boats from Maripipi to Almagro, though am not quite sure they'd go straight to Kerikite.

Familiar looking boat? Yep, just like the many that they have over at Malapascua! Ah, this boat is about to dock at the Kerikite wharf, but the resort-in-the-making is behind it and at the other side of that peninsular tip.

That cove at the tip of green arrow is where Exotic Island Dive Resort is (will be).

Lush greens everywhere, but they've started 'cleaning up' the beach area.

A fine snorkel area just feet away. And those black rocks are smooth to the soles!

Exhilarating views from a breezy hill.

The crews tell me, that near a place is a fantastic dive area.

And how is that for "framed" views of nature right from your cottage verandah?!

Back at the waterfront, the little boats would be grand for island hopping!

Oh, there's a friendly guard on the watch. He even walked with me on the beach!

A very nice find. This early, I crave to be back there!

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  1. Very nice I enjoyed reading your little tour of the islands. Brings back the memory I used to live in Sto Nino

  2. OMG, I enjoyed reading your awesome tour. Before I knew it, its already 3AM. Kung sa libre pa, page turner talaga. Hindi boring at sobrang nakaka enjoy basahin.