Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kerikite Island

Familiar word/place? Haha, not me too! Locals pronounce that as “ke-ree-kee-te”. It’s an island that belongs to the town of Almagro, (Western) Samar. This island actually has 2 barangays (Kerikite and Magsaysay) but my destination was only Kerikite. Yep, the red thing you see on these map images.

Fantastic views along the way.
As we neared this island, boat mates were teasing one of our companions about food/lunch. The tone of the joke was something like “remember there are only 10 of us, you might have prepared for an entire battalion again”! This was the guy I saw busiest on the phone either calling or texting since we left Calbayog. I came to know he was coordinating with his barangay-mates for this lunch! He is barangay captain of Kerikite and known to everyone as very generous (aka excessive) when it comes to hosting visitors in his barangay! Hmm, on that, I suspected another hefty meal haha! Oh my life!

Here are more views as we approached:

As they did in Sto. Nino, except for the boatmen, all of my companions proceeded to the boondocks – that included Maning the barangay captain. Of course he had to be with them, this is his barangay soon to have a new road. I was asked, but as in Sto Nino, opted to stay within the barangay multipirpose hall area. And this is where I saw many things interesting…

But let’s do that next!

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