Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Don’t Panic, It’s Not True

So we thought those flight information displays at the Cebu Airport are cool eh?! They changed the old 1980s-looking CRTs to flat screens about last year. Believe me though, those are just ornamentals. Never believe whatever is shown or even blinking on those screens.

Those infos are either inaccurate or incomplete, therefore misleading.

I took this picture at 1804H on my phone’s clock that automatically synchronizes with the world’s time clocks. But it says 17:56H on this display. Bearable, right? What if I told you that I was at this place to check-in for a regular Zest Air flight to Manila departing at 8PM?!

In fact, there is no day that there’d be no domestic flights out of Cebu between 1910H and 2315H!

Well, as if to highlight the public’s need to ignore those (should be) informative displays, here is one acquaintance who works at the airport  has to say about them “sus sir oi, design ra man na sila gud”!

Oh well…


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