Saturday, June 6, 2009

Right Of Way!

You usually get irked, become hot headed or even furious due to congestion on the road, right? Not this one in Lapu-lapu City Mactan Island! Honks and horns were blowing alright. Some were long and loud, some even a rapid succession. But the “obstruction” seemed oblivious of those humanistic protestations. And that made everyone laughing. Ah I could not even hold the camera still because I was really on a LOL mode. Mind you, I even almost forgot to take these two shots, because I was just enjoying the rare scene!

There were 4 of them, three big and one small. Like all of us passengers in the multicab, and like all other humans in those vehicles, these animals were on the way to somewhere too! Where? Ah I don’t really know since I did not ask for I was sure I wouldn’t have understood any reply hahaha. Unfortunately for us impatient humans, them cattle wanted to use the road, so they did. Oh eh bakit, is there a sign here that says cattle not allowed?

Size matters, yes I agree folks. Of the four lovely beasts, two 'medium sized' cows were probably a bit jittery and were reacting to the automobile horns blowing. So they walked a bit slower and were left behind amidst those many vehicles. The smallest of them, that little whitey one on the left, obviously afraid, took to being law-abiding by using the sidewalk. But largest of them four, this dude in the middle of the road seemed to have declared and claimed his/her right of way, and sashayed on the road oblivious of the noises. Counterflow pa! O ano, naay musukol?!

Good I usually ride front seat, so I saw everything real front seat hehe. And I observed our driver really took some hard skill and timing just to be able to overtake that mother of them all hahaha! See that delivery van? It was trying to do what my driver just did but “no can do”. Am sure he/they tried and tried until they sighed ahhehehe!

Oh well, what a crazzily woderfully fun Lapu-lapu morning!


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