Sunday, October 13, 2013

Early Halloween at Cebu Pacific Ticket Office

Alrightie folks, as usual I was at the 5J ticket office inside Mactan Airport again this morning. Nope, I do not buy my tickets there, but I usually pass by to have them printed – because I usually forget or probably choose to forget printing the thing at home or wherever else! Anyway…

Reading my ticket on the way out of that ticket office, I heard a woman who suddenly shrieked in panic as if she saw some rat or cockroach. Yep, she ran a bit away from the door of the ticket office. When I checked what it was all about, I saw this thing perched on the airline’s ‘number machine’. I looked at her and told her it was made of plastic. She was now laughing and stomping her feet, but still would never go near. Where was the guard anyway? So, I got a number for her then grabbed that “spider” and attempted to give it to her. She shrieked again hahaha!

So alright, I returned the cute big arachnid and gave the woman her ‘waiting list’ number. She actually ran going inside the ticket office! As if that ‘tarantula’ would pounce on her hahaha! Naughty me, I even poised like I was to throw the toy to her and she shrieked again holding her neck. Funny fun, some people hehe!

Okay, that little “incident” made me return to to the ticket office and took a few shots more. This is one corner where the gigantic web with a ‘kalansay’ now hides the TV. Ahhehehe, and it’s only October 13!

Oh well… it’s really more fun in these islands. I swear!


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