Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bohol Update

"Just to let you know, operational na po ang mga tourism facilities sa Bohol, back to normal na po kami."

I quoted that txt msg from my perennial tour guide on the island. Her house still in disrepair, but yes, they are trying to move on! So folks, for those who'd been scheduled to go, GO! And for those of us who did not plan of going back yet, hmm, why not? Just to see how it has been, right? I will! Well, we wont be able to recreate this pic below (I took that last June after the river cruise/lunch) but am sure there'd be more things to see and hear. Let's go?!

Chocolate Hills?
My tour guide even has a new joke! She says "the hills now come in 4 Flavors - if in the past there were only choco and mint, now we have caramel and vanilla" - because some of the hills crumbled and you can see the inner portions of those mounds! Here's a pic from Yahoo!News

Note folks, if we go now, we'll actually be helping them rise from the rubbles.


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