Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Daily Bread #02 – Pig Pie

Well, it is no pig, but I wonder why this thing was called a Pig Pie!

I was down at Pier 4 waiting for a friend to arrive. And these inter-island boats usually arrive very early in the morning. This one I was waiting for was scheduled to dock at 7AM. At 623AM, I was of course hungry! So I looked for any food to eat or at least soup to sip. There are two gas stations a block away from the pier but these are the only things my mouth and stomach seemed to have liked – hopia baboy (I kow it's not pork too) and the Pig Pie!

I finished all slices just the same, but reading the ingredients printed on the wrapper, it said “Flour, Sugar, Salt, Oil, Water and Onion”! So where’s the pig? A friend says, maybe the oil is pig flavored hahaha. It is not!

Oh well, oh well!



ISSN 2515139.625-0750


  1. Its like mincemeat pie... it doesn't contain meat.

  2. In america they have fig pie... looks the same as our "pig pie" but tastes different coz it's made with fig fruit.