Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fudge, Cebu

This is one of the newer eateries along the famous “AS Fortuna Avenue” in Cebu – well, er, more appropriately, should be Mandaue, for indeed it is already on the Mandaue portion of Banilad. Did you know that there are two Barangays named Banilad, and are sitting beside each other? Yup, this is that area, where Brgy Banilad, Cebu and Brgy Banilad, Mandaue kiss each other! And if you’re not extra observant, you would never even realize that. Just like ‘where does QC end and where does Marikina start? Or when traveling along Bonifacio Ave., where is QC, Caloocan or Manila?! Something like that!

Anyway, Fudge is more of a cake, pastry or bakeshop really. But presented and with the ambience of a modern coffee shop. However, what I like in there is lunch hehe! Yup yup, they have delectable food from breakfast ‘till dinner. Ah well, to be exact, most of the times I ate at this place were for ‘brunch’ really – before I would go anywhere. And I am nearing a point where I may have already tried just about everything – still some months to go, I hope!

Look at one face of their menu and you see soups, appetizers, sandwiches and the main courses. Flip it over and you salivate at the array of what (I think) the place is famous for – desserts! That's just my personal observation, okay?! Many a name in that menu card will invite curiosity, but I would advise you try them all and discover they titillate your palate too!

How does “Hand-held Caesar's” sound to you? A portable gadget?! Nah, it’s just your good old ‘Caesar's Salad in a wrap! Very convenient to munch on, though I would say, the grilled chicken delectably imposes its flavorful significance, if only for us not to think we are munching on a rolled bunch of “halaman” hehe. Let me share to you a personal “secret” that one friend calls weird – I find that this Hand-held Ceasar’s becomes even more fantastic when mixed with their other salad called “Manguava”. It’s just ripe mangoes sprinkled with roasted cashew nuts and guava vinaigrette. Uhm, that’s pricey at two salads in one sitting, but if you are dining with someone, try the mix. You’ll lavvit!

How about “Humba Saucers”? Take note, the Cebuano humba is more of like our adobo in Manila – the dry and not-so-sour kind, that is. Make it a flying saucer and you have quite a sandwich! I actually like grabbing one of these to go! A nice baon especially when going for bus rides to other towns or boat rides to other islands. Ah well, their “Pesto Omelette” seem a bit “tihik” on the pesto paste if I may compare it with that of Real Coffee on Boracay. But I like it that they paired the thing with toasted halved “Pan De Sal”!

“Crispylog”? Something different for us used to “CPA”. This one is a mix of crispy strips of chicken and beef served with eggs and garlic rice. But the “Aligue Rice & Sardines” is a killer! The fried rice is “aligue” flavored and the spanish sardines is fried! Cholesterolic yumminess! Ah this tempting “aligue” (kuyaw oi) fares in another thing called “Aligue & Prawn Spaghetti”. Ahyayayayummy-yum-yummm!

Guilty? Then try their “Salpicao” and you’d think that garlic is cheap in this part of the country hehe. It even comes with garlic rice. Though I try to avoid this one since it makes me crave for BEER when I smell and taste it! I do like the cheesy Fish Picatta and that thing called Zuri, But I am more for those with rice, kay taga bukid ra entawon ko, humay ang makalipay!

Most of the time though, the carnivorous me usually goes for the Grilled Pork Steak with rice (and extra rice hahaha). It comes in either the balsamic sauce or mushroom gravy, and I like them both. So if I had one yesterday, I’d go for the other today hehe. The slabs are thick but they cook it well into the insides when I tell them I want it well-done!

Now the flipside of the menu? Ask others since that is what they go to Fudge for. Am not very much into the sweets though I have tasted that thing called Lava Cake and the heavenly Combo (mango, cheese and oreos)! Actually there are others more not in the menu lists, but you could see them titillating your taste buds from the glass shelves. There are even cookies that look like lollipops standing side-by-side with the bread sticks!

Now now… the other best part in this place… when am alone waiting for my food to come to the table or waiting for all of them to settle well in the stomach, I do sometimes read the daily papers scattered around. BUT, I always like watching one of them whip up things right at their counters! Yeah, they make some of those cakes and breads right front where you can see them. I like looking and wondering at those things and gadgets they use. Never thought food production could be so technical!

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  1. hmmm.... will try out this place sometime. kept passing by as fortuna on my bike :D and i didn't know there are two banilads!