Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Bibingka or bingka. I thought this was such a welcome find. I mean it probably had been months since I last saw and tasted the bibingka made in rural places. This one though was definitely at an urban location – the sidewalk along Osmena Ave., also called Jones Ave. in Cebu City! And it looked and smelled inviting, so I got one! Delicious enough! Just like many that I have tasted in Abra, Ilocos, Samar, Sorsogon. Not fluffy but a bit compact, not too soft but moist! ‘Five-pesos lang’!



ISSN 2515139.125-0949


  1. i miss eating bibingka. my mom always cook this at home:) thanks for sharing this blog

  2. Yay! Here in Bacolod, bibingkas are always being sold outside our plaza. And they cost 5pho too. :)