Thursday, November 22, 2012

Super Supper at Penong’s

So I strolled to Penong’s, thanks to the helpful front desk staff at The Pinnacle. They can actually be as crazy as I am – if you engage them in a banter! Hey, before Penong’s, there is even another eatery with live singers. Well crowded with a lot of Red Horse bottles I saw on almost all tables! And I thought I may not have to go to Obrero after dinner hehe.

But reaching Penong’s, I stood a while, a bit hesitant, and almost backed away. Why? Because it was so full many were even standing by the entrance waiting to be seated. Argh! My lowly brain was saying “where the hell is Ahfat, why did I not ask the front desk staff about its location?” but an alert waiter called out to ask me how many we were! This is that other thing that made me hesitant, yet I still replied with “ako lang”. Waiter motioned for me to follow him and apologized to the ‘folks-in-waiting’ telling them there was no ‘good for 12’ table available yet!

Awk, and the table offered to me was at very center of everything! There were tables out by the back parking area, and tables everywhere, but those were all taken. Yeah yeah, one dreaded dinner scenario I do not wish to be in – groups or pairs of people in the rest of the tables while I sit alone. Oops, no no, I should make that “pathetically alone”! Awrrrr! But the tummy was grumbling and the air in this place smelled of something damnedly delectable. So I sat down and received the menu!

The fare is a fairly feast! This place has grilled chicken as the main attraction – you can see it from the signage alone! Plus other generally grilled things like pork etc. It’s generally like how it is over at Kolasa's mear the museum or Matias in Cebu though rice is served instead of the ever Cebuano thing called puso. The main diff with the two above is the ambulance (yes, ambiance)! Penong’s set-up takes to the likes of Chicken Ati-atihan or Jo’s Chicken Inato. Comfortably native everything from tables to chairs to walls, roof, decor and what have you. Also more of like Mang Inasal, except that this latter joint sits in almost every mall.

I ordered the combo of “1 Chicken Barbecue and 1 Pork Barbecue With Rice” and thought I was happy with it until the waiter asked if I wanted something else. So I asked what else was/is their bestseller. He told me about "Baby Back Ribs" which he said was a small good for 1 person, and "Pinakbet" that he described as just a plate for 1 or 2!

Nice combination, right? Wrong!

The Baby Back Ribs (a new addition to their menu) is a slab enough for even the most voracious of eaters. And it looked and smelled oohlala delicious! But I pleaded for the waiter to return it as there was just too much. I told him the grilled chicken and pork alone would have been enough. With a little bit soured face, he obliged. Now the single order of the Pinakbet that he said was good for one or two people can actually serve four! But hands down, this veggie tastes real good especially with the generous sprinkling of crushed chicharon on top! And I am no “halaman” lover, remember?! So, I silently said I'm sorry at meal's end where I did not even finish half of it!

Drinks? Bummer! They do not serve beer AND they serve Pepsi Products ONLY! Argh! So I had “service water” instead. At least it made sure I was going some place else after dinner! Because, in fact, they also close rather early - open 1030AM to 2PM and 530PM to 10PM only.

Wonderful enough place to have dinner in Davao. Probably even best for lunch! Though I will have to rethink about going there alone again on a Friday night hehe. There are just many other things to taste there, and I only have one stomach! Plus, as everywhere else crowded that I ever go to for a meal, people couldn’t help but cast curious glances at me with that same look in their eyes as if saying “kawawa naman siya, nag-iisa” hahaha!

Hey, I noticed that Facebook logo on the lower right portion of their menu cover. So I surfed on and found out that I was in their Sta. Ana Branch, and that they have more all over Davao and other Mindanao areas! Ah eh… about this last picture? I took it the morning after. At exactly 6:55AM as I started my walk around the city again.

That, of course, after I told the Pinnacle front desk staff that Penong’s was an excellent suggestion.

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