Thursday, August 23, 2012

“Sa Malamig” Evolution

Even this lowly #philippines sidewalk refreshment has evolved. And I had to be in Catbalogan City to realize that! I was across the church entrance, by the fence of the “Pieta Park”, waiting for the Manaragat Parade to pass by. This mobile store caught my attention as the activities were a little different from what I know. So I watched with the lowly F200EXR on video mode. Okay folks, watch the video first…

What was different? I asked myself “why was the lady in blue (start of video) scooping crushed eyes into plastic bags? What were those for? So I watched them do their thing and realized the newer way to serve these drinks!

Am not sure if the nose-rubbing and wiping hands on the sides (by lady in pink) is a requisite part of the “ceremony” hehe, but the process is: 1) get plastic bag with crushed ice, 2) put some red thing in (gulaman?) 3) add milk 4) add brown water, 5) insert straw, 6) press the plastic a few times (since that would be ridiculous to shake it), then 7) give to thirsty customer! Hey I asked manang in pink what that brown water is, and she told me that’s iced-tea (without ice obviously). And you thought “milk-tea” is a new fad in this country, right?!

Funny thing is I asked some friends (just to satisfy my curiosity if what I saw was really a newly evolved process) “how should I do a ‘sa malamig’ business. there were too many detailed descriptions from everyone – including befriending the guys who deliver block-ice, purchasing a big ladle (kutsaron?), and a big transparent jug. Obviously, they were describing how it was, past-tense. The one I videod is present-tense hehe!

Oh well, evolution…


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