Friday, November 9, 2012

Future Azkals

As I awaited the boarding call of my flight to Davao at MCIA’s Gate 8, there came a cacophony of shrieking voices descending down the stairs. I immediately smiled thinking “here goes another children’s choir ready to conquer hearts from people all around the globe”! And they merrily lingered around as the waiting areas of gates 8 and 7 were already brimming full to the rafters! Some sat beside me at about 2 or 3 boys to a chair.

So I asked what group they were and the kid nearest me said “San Roque”. That was not really clear to me so I asked “where is that” and another one of them said “Mandaue”! Next question, I said “where are you going”? A chaperon answered this time, saying "Alaska Cup". Not being a fan of the sport, I thought she meant the state of Alaska in the United States. I said "ang lamig dun ha, bakit naka-tshirt lang kayong lahat?". With a little laugh, she said the Alaska Milk Footbal Cup in alabang! Well, a whohoah still! So I realized this was not a boys’ choir but a football team! And going to Alabang, not Anchorage hehehe

Oh, nice to know that parents and coaches can now afford to send children off to competitions outside of their domains. I smiled and silently said “wait till you become national players, your chances of flying wherever will diminish even as you become more proficient in what you do”! That’s how sports competitions are in this country. Money is always a big question when it’s time to fight at some other location.

At least for these boys, they’re able to do it this time! There won’t be so many such chances. And I said “don’t come home without a trophy”! One of them said “we will try our very best, sir”! I think that reply was rehearsed hehehe! But go go go Cebu! It's always nice to start them early with sports


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