Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fat Bobby’s

To wind my first night into bed time, I headed to this place in the Obrero District of Davao City. This was per plan as discussed with the helpful front staff at The Pinnacle. Why Fat Bobby’s? Am not really sure why. All I said to the front staff was that I would like a place with live band music that is not of the noisy head banger types and not the high school or early college kid crowds where there is shouting and running around. They suggested this, so I went forth! I think I do not regret this choice!

I found something interesting! But let’s do that in the next story! As for now, let me describe my Fat Bobby’s experience.

It’s probably not the buzz of the town these days. But it does have a lot of following. Fact is, when I arrived at 9:43PM, it was already rather full. Perhaps a lucky streak or blessing in disguise? Being full inside, I opted to sit at one of 3 outside round tables that was still vacant. Yep, outside, as in the open area front of their entrance that looks like an old theatre door hehe. But I could still clearly hear the band playing since there are speakers in this al fresco area.

Advantage? The decibels were not piercing my ears, I could people-watch as I was just right in front of the street, I could talk to waiters without shouting things out, and most importantly, I could smoke while drinking. Yeah, lucky night! Moreso, the music was not acoustics but the danceable ‘80s. That would have been pathetic for me to be alone at a table inside just watching everyone wiggle it, right? Though I was sure at least one of those ladies in there would have invited me to dance with them hahaha!

Ladies? Interestingly yes! Most of that night’s crowd were women – I mean women of responsible age who probably work at various institutions in the city. Not girls with boisterous throats and overly made-up faces with wallets that depend on their parents’ capacity to oblige! I did wonder, was this a “Ladies Night”? Friday? Wheh! But most of the patrons I saw, some groups even occupying two tables, were the descendants of Eve with a few from Adam!

I asked a waiter why it was so, and the reply was, it is just so. A clever answer for a clever question hehe! But every time I went inside (for the comfort room), I would see that them ladies were really sweating it out on the dance floor! And the drinks were ever flowing on all tables. Indicator that these were salaried women or women married to salaried men! But where were the menfolk? I did wonder!

Ah, I shut the wondering aside and enjoyed the night with me, myself and I, just happily watching everything that passed by either to/from nearby restaurants and bars or in/out of Fat Bobby’s.

A merry night just the same – especially when the menu was presented to me!



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