Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Davao City Pedicabs

Come to think of it folks, of the many times I have been to Davao since late 1980s, it was only a few days ago that I took notice of their pedicabs. Yep, the foot driven tricycles. Theirs are covered with big customized umbrellas like you see in this picture.

Similar to those in Malabon and Bulacan? Nah, not really! Those in CaMaNaVa use the colorful umbrellas you can buy from Divisoria. And the flimsy material of those off-the-shelf parasols are very light and can even be penetrated by the sun’s heat or heavier rain drops! On contrast, the customized “roofs” of these trikes in Davao are made of that heavy canvass material commonly used for industrial tents.

Similar to those in Cotabato? Almost but not very much so! Why? Because these that we see in Davao are pedal powered while those in Cotbato’s ORG area have motorbikes to propel the cabs. Plus, the roofs in the Davao City pedicabs are flatter!

A design anomaly? Probably, but they serve the purpose just the same! These Davao pedicab drivers must have stronger leg muscles. Their pedicabs are already quite heavy even without passengers. Thanks to the umbrella-like roof! And don’t they collect rain water puddling atop each pedicab during the rains? I surmise they will and should – making it even heavier, right? Then again, it seldom rains in Davao compared to Metro Manila!

I did not ride in any of them, but a nice find just the same, I guess!

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  1. Their pedicabs look unique! The picture made me smile though. :)