Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big Framed Menu

That’s at Fat Bobby’s in Davao City!

We have seen elegant, stylish, profound, clever, native, modernistic, colorful and many other ways a menu card or list is presented, right? Some look like wedding invitations, some like ancient scrolls, some folded into three, some are fan-like, some are outsized with pop-up pages, some printed on banana-paper, some like photobooks, etc., etc.! But this heavy weight gigantic menu at Fat Bobby’s in Davao caught me big!

It comes in a picture frame of real wood frame and real glass panel! Don’t anyone drop it or even just bang it on the table or chair as the thing would scandalizingly shatter into pieces! And mind you, it is “back-to-back” – meaning the glass face of the food list is the same and continued on the other side. No wonder the waiter won’t give the whole thing to me. He just stood there holding it up for me to read and choose whatever I wanted! I think I was not really that eager to hold it too. It is just really delicately heavy! Delicado! Fragile! Perāa bāng! Rapuh!

I remember asking how many of that they have and he mentioned a number that I now cannot recall. Golly! I even wonder now how careful they must be when stacking those menus! Or they probably hang them individually on the wall? Why not, right?! And when a customer comes, they go unmount a picture frame from the nearest wall and bring it to the table. Maria Santisima!

Oh well, the creativity in these our times. It’s really more fun in the Philippines!



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