Monday, October 1, 2012

Gas Station Short-cut

No right turn, says that Tacloban big signage in big bold letters! Eh, don’t we all love doing just exactly that, everytime everywhere? Hmm, maybe these government folks should not approve the construction of any gas station at any corner or cross-road in this country. Or maybe they should ask the gas stations to erect gates hahaha!

All because of us unruly citizens whaaahehehe!

Okay fellow law-abiding pasaway citizens (hehe, am still grinning), where are your favourite such short-cut gas-station corners? I’ll start… my faves are McKinley going EDSA Guadalupe, EDSA going Buendia, Boni going EDSA-Guadalupe, Kamias going Anonas, Jupiter going Paseo-Makati Av, Archbishop Reyes going AS Fortuna, Hernan Cortes going left to *wink wink*, Juana Osmena going Fuente, Valero going Buendia, ahh, too many of them hehe!


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