Saturday, September 8, 2012

Where Do you Sleep?

Take this for a 'napping nook'! It is the baggage conveyor belt usually used by Cebu Pacific Air at the MCIA’s arrival area. That baggage handler I saw was really snoozing it off on the belt. Soon it whirred on and he jumped out like a grasshopper hehehe! The few of us passengers who were already there laughed at his bewildered look as he accidentally came out of those black strips due to his surprise.

That reminded me of ming-ming, the furry purry fat cat at home who likes to sleep on the treadmill’s belt. When we would switch the thing on, she jumps high and out like, as if someone threw a snake into her whahehehe!

Hey, I thanked that baggage boy of Cebu Pacific for giving us a real afternoon laugh!

Oh well, its really more fun!


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