Friday, September 28, 2012

Drizzly Windy Cloudy Day

What a day to ride an airplane, right? We see the bright yellow-orange umbrellas dotting the airport’s tarmac again. But ride we must, as that promo ticket is not transferable nor re-bookable! Depending on your wits however, it can be fun anyway! You just choose your attitudes!

And OMG oops..!

Oh well, that can happen to anyone of us hahaha! And it makes jolly an otherwise gloomy day! I thought I should have flicked to the cam's video mode as this happy lady was all shrieking and giggling about the poise-challenging incident! Even her companions a few steps ahead joined in the shrieking! Sorry mana ku-an ha?! I did not mean to shoot your face or body, it was just so funny a scene I needed to catch the action on my camera!

Hmm, that naughty windy-wind from the south-east was blowing not only umbrellas to reverse but even necklines and hemlines. Oops, can't show another picture I took of another jolly fine lady to my right. I could get mightily whacked with that yellow-orange umbrella by a jolly lady with a brown iPad case and light-blue underwear hahaha! So let's stay happy with this other picture of Mana ku-an!

Ah the things I see during my travels… It’s really more fun out here!


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