Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CDO Jeep or Tricycle?

I think there is little difference. In terms of safety, comfort, convenience, that is! But the jeep is faster since the latter is just powered by a motorbike. But looking at the riders, I think they all enjoy their rides just the same. Comparing the Cagayan De Oro trike to that of Calbayog, I think CDO’s are better-looking. And, probably sturdier, if I may judge the book by its cover hehe

Hoping to be able to ride one of these soonest! Look at the two pictures below. yep they’re both yellow. But the first one is a trike and the other one is the jeep. Almost no difference in passenger capacity, right?! Fun!

The e-trike is still better, but yeah, its always more fun in the Philippines!


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