Sunday, May 27, 2012

Let’s ride the e-Trike

I just thought they were cute-looking tricycles due to the color and shape. They look different from tricycles I've seen all over this country. Of course my mind flew back to far areas like Samar or Mindanao where I see many big trikes and wondered why they could not be as beautiful as these cute, colorful AND quiet little cabs roaming around the posh streets of Taguig’s Bonifacio Global City. Never did I think that these are actually already the e-trikes or electric tricycles so much celebrated about some years ago!

Waking up alone in the flat one late morning, I discovered there was a lot of anything I wanted to eat except rice. Awrrr! So, to Market Market I had to go, and that got me a bit of excited. Why? Because, it was my chance to ride those beautifully colored trikes I have been observing for quite a while now. Yey! And ride I did. Just asked people on the street as to how/where and there I was, happily riding an E3 (that’s how some folks call it). Its not fast like a lightning but who needs to fly inside BGC, right? It was a happy quiet ride from Forbeswood to that corner between 2Serendra and Market Market!

Which time, I took the opportunity to talk to the driver. First question was if these trikes inside BGC are that quiet without the blaring engine noises. The answer was “opo sir, electric kasi”! Whoa! And so I asked about that “electric” thing in his tricycle. Driver happily told me about these trikes being environmentally friendly and being very cost-efficient since they do not have to buy fuel but just instead plug their trikes to re-charge. Hmm, and wow! Parang camera or cell-phone lang hehe! I joked that it must be very convenient, that they could just go to any establishment and say “pwede pong pa-charge” hehehe!

Now now… don't we wish everywhere in this country would use e-trikes? I mean the color is customizable, the shape and size of the cab is dependent on who makes them, but the ‘environment friendly’ and ‘quiet’ benefits are things to shout about, right? I do not have to ask for a raise of hands on who among you live in a village or neighborhood where you stop talking or cannot hear the TV when a tricycle passes in front of your houses, right? And many of them emit foul smelling odors, right?

Hmm, I wonder if there is some kind of crusade or advocacy to promote e-trikes in this country. Tell me if there is please. I will gladly join them!

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  1. txt msg rcvd from a reader:
    now mo lang na-know about e-trikes in BGC? ayan, kasi palagi ka na sa bundok! welcome sa kapatagan, taga-baryo!

    my reply: amen!


    another txt msg rcvd:
    did you know that exactly the day you arrived in Manila, ADB was hosting a public consultation with DOE re e-trikes?! Cross-fingers, there is hope, your wish might be granted!

    my reply: amen!