Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bon Appetea, Cebu

Catchy name eh?! You would initially think app├ętit.

But what the… its how they want their joint to be called so be it! No I did not have anything here. I was just passing by on one of my afternoon walks in Cebu’s Salinas Drive going to Asia Town IT Park.

I remember as a kid in the early 80s when I would tell friends that tea in Indonesia usually had milk (and that you'd have to say "teh-o" if you wanted it without), all eyes would grow widest in various reactions of disbelief. And I would usually tell them, that’s how gramma and grappa would have them too back in the UK. Still the wide-eyed reactions remained.

And now they are a hit in this country (since 2011?) with so many little nooks offering the venerable tea with milk in various names and additive flavourings!

The right side panel of this store’s signage did catch my inquisitive pea of a brain though. I think whoever typed that, has a very active ring finger that loves to press the “S” key on his keyboard hahaha! TeaS, CoffeeS whateverS! Maybe this joint should have been named Bon AppeteaS! Lingaw oi!

Its really really fun here aroundS! PromiSe(S)!


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