Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wrong English?

When you are traveling alone alone and not frantic, you get to notice many little things around. Such was my case at the waiting lounge as I awaited to be boarded on my Cebu Pacific flight (as usual hehe, sorry 2P and PR friends). I read that message at the bottom of the boarding pass and something caught my Taglish speaking pea of a brain. Something is not quite right. I think! hehe

Am not really good at/in/with? grammar, and many times I let that be as I seldom re-read, much less proof-read whatever I write – lalo na pag galit ako hahaha. But this time, I had nothing better to do, so that second paragraph stuck in my head. There is something wrong. I think! Should that be “boarding gate WILL BE closed” or perhaps “SHALL be closed” or “MUST be closed” or “IS closed”?

Ah eh… wala lang, I just felt like writing this one, if only to while away my time. O ayan, boarding na! Ciao folks!

Tell me, anyone please, if that is really some grammatical booboo of tech guys or there is really a reason for that seemingly twisted English!

Okay, I board now, my seat is 10A! Yey!


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