Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MCIA Misleading Flight Information

How long does it take to edit a digital flight display system?

I have been traveling for some months now, to the same destination, almost every week. AND, that thing has never been rectified. What gives?

Does this mean the 5J folks do not really bother what are displayed on those monitors? Aw c’mon, that’d be hardly! I think I even once told a Cebu Pacific airport employee about this a fortnight ago!

But don’t the whole populace of MCIA’s employees also notice that? Aren’t they supposed to wonder why a certain flight displayed on their system to be departing at 1615H is already boarding at 1350H? Nor wouldn’t they wonder why the same flight’s check-in counters are already open at 1220PM? Oh, btw, I took this picture at 1331H (that’s the time displayed at upper right corner of the TV screen) that’s a few minutes ago, as am on my way to Tacloban (again)!

When little insignificant errors accumulate, they could become a ton of a problem. So MCIA and 5J folks, beware!


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