Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dancing Supermarket Staff

This is at the Gaisano Grand Mall in the middle of Mandaue City! Another newly opened store of the Gaisano chain in Metro Cebu. I was passing by for a few things before another night-trip when I chanced upon these “entertainers”. Quite unique eh! Unmistakably the employees themselves of the supermarket area.

I asked the guard what was the celebration about and I was told “nothing really”. Turns out this is a nightly activity in the mall to entertain weary shoppers who might have had a hectic day at home or at work.

After the dancing, they just return to their respective roles at the supermarket! Nice one!

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  1. Not anymore. Those SM Supermarket franchises SaveMore which are located just about anywhere that SM itself does not dare tread feature dancing staff at store openings. Unfortunately, the store name is a misnomer --- their prices of goods are way expensive unlike in other chain supermarkets. Caveat emptor!