Thursday, March 29, 2012


Coming from the Mactan Airport this afternoon, I told myself I cannot let this pass. So I opened the window, readied the camera and took aim – driver silently wondered what on earth was I to shoot at! Yeah, I could read his facial expression. He did not ask, so I did not tell! Peace driver! I have spotted this joint sometime ago but could not get a shot, either because I would forget or the car, cab or multicab would be moving too fast. This time, I took real aim, though still not happy enough with my 2 photos!

its located at the very corner where your vehicle veers right from the road ascending towards the new Mactan Bridge (Marcelo Fernan Bridge). In fact the best vantage is when you are already at the foot of the bridge. However, its dangerous to stop or even go slow at this portion as all vehicles are supposed to be revving up to be able to climb that bridge – and its a curve.

TEYOTA is a store, and a “disco fence” – whatever that one means – though you can be sure its a girly bar! That name for a place caught my curiosity due to the similarity with a car brand. I don’t really care much about “disco fence”. I was/am titillated by the “brand name” TEYOTA! And yes, even their logo hehe! I have already asked some ‘reliable sources' about my ‘suspicions' about what TEYOTA really means. And I did get a reliable affirmation! You want to know?! Here I go…

TEYOTA is a ‘contraction’ of 3 Cebuano words ‘TE, ‘YOT, and ‘TA that are in themselves already contractions! The whole phrase or expression is an imperative clause, a request, or something like that!

‘TE is a shortened ATE (pronounced uh-teh) that means big sister – tough nowadays also used as a friendly pet reference to females, right?!
‘TA is a shortened KITA meaning “us” -  usually in the Cebuano context of “let us”.
The middle syllable, ah, do your research – that should be very easy!

Hehe, the titillating signs of our times!


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