Friday, March 16, 2012

Is Larsian Gone?

Not really! I just happened to have passed by the area at dusk and saw that, when the place should have been starting to buzz and billow (with smoke of course), it was unusually quiet. I looked at the supposed roof and realized everything was gone with some constructions on the way. Yes yes, this is Cebu City's famous Larsian Sa Fuente.

I asked that manong who looked like a guard or construction foreman as he was busy trying to close that temporary “gate” – one of the 3 known bustling entrances. He told me the place was being renovated to give way for a better and more attractive Larsian. Not sure what it was he said, but he did mention some things like “tourism”, “capitol” and “city hall”. Hmm!

Anyway, he told me that the stalls are temporarily hubbed at some vacant lot behind the RCBC building, just across the street from the side of Robinsons Cybergate. So I went there.

There they are… surely cramped when the Friday night and weekend patrons would troop down. But I would suppose it will still be the same kind of cheap and delectable hawker food they have been grilling since.

Can’t help but wonder how is that “new look” going to be hehe!

One thing is sure folks… for those coming over this summer, the Larsian that you know is under re-construction so head the few steps to Robinsons and you’ll see those stalls just across the little street. I might even think the temporary location is less smokey. I think!


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