Sunday, March 11, 2012

Harbour Square, Manila Bay

What is this place? Wheh, don’t panic, it’s just another restaurant block – this place is composed of two 2-level square buildings.

Where is it? Now that makes the place a bit of a “must note”! It sits by the water’s edge beside the CCP. Yep, the Cultural Center of the Philippines over at Roxas Boulevard by the picturesque side of Manila Bay. That makes Harbour Square a convenient stop while waiting for the evening traffic rush hour to ease up!

But if you are the imaginative type, Harbour Square is worth a visit or two. Or three or more – especially during the afternoons until dusk and darkness! A nice breezy place to while time away when, waiting for a show or event at CCP. Nice too for a nightcap after attending events at venues like PICC, Coconut Palace, Aliwan Theater and of course CCP! Restaurants and/or restobars in the area are generally branches of popular establishments commonly seen around the metropolis – and it looks like they come and go! One time you go dine at a place, next time it is gone hehe. There are those that seem permanently rooted though. And we like the ice cream parlor! Yeah Starbucks has a nice view, so are most of the units at second level – especially Tajima.

The views from establishments facing the bay could get really interesting in the afternoons even on a gloomy day. Shutterbugs will have a ball in this place. You could get a shot at the famous Philippine Dragon Boat Team swiftly gliding by the waters during their practice runs! I think their hub is somewhere at the nearby Manila Yacht Club or Army/Navy Club. Though there is some building by the parking area where they hang around, do some discussions or even take showers. That is probably their tambayan or something.

The boulevard itself is a dramatic sight from many vantage points within the square. Even the patrol boats are a subject enough. It goes all the way until evening when the dinner-boats that tour around the bay start operating. Could even get romantic!

If you’re not from Metro Manila, this is one place to visit, if only to see and say that the metropolis does have some refreshing scenes after all!


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