Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Boracay Snack That Became Lunch

With the girls (oops women) in our group looking too flamboyantly excited, we just dropped our things at Chalet Y and walked the beach. Target destination: the fruit shakes at Jonah’s. We did tell the Chalet Y crews that we may have some meals in the house the next day. But for now, it was roam time. Of course we walked. I am not an avid fan of the shakes, I prefer SML hehe, but what the… majority craved for the shakes so to the shakes we went and I liked my avocado.

There is one other thing that makes me not a good fan of Jonah’s. Flies! Yes, langaw and bangaw of the plus-size kind! I still don’t know how and why is that, but them pesky insects seem to really have made Jonah’s their fave hangout! Reason why you see those candles on each table. And reason why they are lighted even in the mornings or at high noon. Nope, the owners and crews are not religious. They’re also not fond of scented surroundings like in a spa. They light those candles to drive them pesky flies away!

Am not sure if its been scientifically proven that candles do drive flies away or if flies really stay away from lighted candles. But I have seen this as a very common “contraption” in many places all over the country that need to drive those insects away. Anyway, flies or no flies, my friends savored every drop of their shakes. I did too. A cute thing we even did was order a different flavor of shake each, and we shared it with everyone else. Yeah yeah, we were like children in a mad scramble at our table where straws kept hopping from one glass to the other. Thankfully, there were only 6 of us this time haha!

Alright, lazy mid-morning creeping into mid-day, and we did nothing but sit around at Jonah’s, tell stories, savor the breeze, people-watch, take some photos, drive the flies away, and so on. When someone in us accidentally checked his phone’s time, it was already 40 minutes past noontime. Awrrrh! So we waved at the waitress who happily came sashaying with the menu on her left hand and that thing to drive flies away on her right hehe.

What did we have for lunch? Ah eh, I can’t even remember. Regular fare for this group who all love shrimp, crabs, fish, liempo, pancit-molo(its a soup) and fruits, So it was probably some or combination of those. But if you see flowers and candles on the table, no we did not eat those hehe!

Time check after lunch? It was already some few ticks of the clock to 3PM! time does sometime move too fast even when you’re not doing anything!



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