Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Talisay

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There are officially 4 localities named Talisay.

Talisay is a town in the province of Batangas (Region 4A – CALABARZon). This is that town just below Tagaytay City. Many folks don’t know that this is the mother town of Taal Volcano and a vast area of the Taal Lake. Who cares anyway, right? Hehe! They call themselves a resort-town owing to the mushrooming of such establishments generally along the areas with a scenic view of the lake and the volcano.

Then there is the town of Talisay in the province of Camraines Norte (Region 5 – Bicol). A wonderfully sleepy farming and fishing town on the pacific coast of the province. Have you heard about Puente Isabel Segovia? Go there to learn what it really is!

And then, there is Talisay City! It is located in the northwestern part of Negros Occidental province (Region 6 – Western Visayas). This one is just above Bacolod City, before Silay City. Don’t be fooled by these places in Negros all called “cities”. They are not maddening urban places. There are farms here, resorts, suburban villages, old ancestral houses and many of the remains of the then celebrated sugar central of the country. Don’t forget to lok for “The Ruins”.

Now there is another Talisay City! That is Talisay in the southeastern part of the island province of Cebu (Region 7 – Central Visayas). Lechon! That what comes foremost to many Cebuanos when you mention Talisay City. It is there where many of these succulent roasts are made. Well, city as this may be, there are beaches here, the favorite of the locals of which is just across the church and behind what used to be their old municipal building. There is a monument of some American soldiers landing at that beach and some of the lechon-makers are just a walk away. There are also waterfalls and a cave!

So which Talisay are you going to?

All such places above derive their names from a tree named “Talisay”. But in central Visayas, it is called “Talisayan”.

Now now… did you know there is also a town named “TALISAYAN”? Yep, that is in Misamis Oriental. But let us not even count that here as the 5th locality – since it bears the two extra letters hehe!


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